Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tiny Event #7

I finally finished 3 out of 4 of my exams.This explains the lack of updates.It is exam month! It has been a hectic and stressful month. June is always the stressful and hectic month and then we will welcome summer holidays!

' Flowers blooming. This was taken during our last cycle of classes where we had to travel to another hospital for lectures. The hospital was so beautiful, the compound was filled with flowers of all sorts and colours. The weather was really sunny and hot that day too '

' Burning the midnight oil. We studied from from day till day, not day till night. This was taken before my sleep.
Sunrise at 2.30am in Moscow. The sun sets really late at about 10pm and rises at 2.30am. We had lots of daylight during the spring and summer months over here. This is something we really appreciate as the winter months over here is really dark and gloomy. There's hardly any sun and it is super cold.
Summer weather over here is slightly warm for now, temperatures has not exceed 30 so far. Surprisingly it has been raining a lot over here for the past month. '

' A beautiful sunny day in Moscow. During exam period, there are days that I went out for a walk to take a break and get some fresh air. '

' Strawberries are in season. This is my favourite stall to get strawberries from. They are more expensive compared to other stalls in the market but the strawberries are so sweet compared to other stalls which are sour.
You get what you paid. '

' My share of strawberries, they are so red , plump and juicy looking. I got 600 grams of strawberries.
I have been loving strawberries so much that I have been getting them every week. '

' Korean lunch post exam. ' 

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