Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A quick post of what I bought through out the weekend.
Suppose to post this on Monday but I was too lazy to extract the pictures from my Digicam and also battery went low.
Two tops are from my favourite store, Code Pink.
Lace top.
This is also from Code Pink.Polka Dots top.
This dress is from a shop called Pineta.

Also, I got popteen august issue.

More lens

Dedicated to circle lenses.
Please bear with my naked eye.

i.Fairy Ruby PinkThe design looks a lil scary. Looks like I have reptilian eye.
Colour wise is very opaque as you can see from the photo. The pink stands out so much!
It's also pretty comfortable. I can wear for 8 hours straight.

I want more pink lens. RAWRRRRR.

Super Barbie Max Blue
Super Barbie Max Pure design is lovely. It's like a subtle version of the Candy series.
The colours are more faded out but still the colour is opaque, The black ring isn't as obvious as the candy series.
This brand's lens is VERY comfortable and it's much softer than other brand.

GnG BlackSo dolly look! ♥♥
I always like how black circle lens gives me a more kuri kuri me look.
This lens was given to me by my optometrist to try out. Thankies to him ♥

It's very comfortable, much more than my Geo, almost as comfortable as the i.Fairy and Barbie.
Design is also very pretty.
Looks like the lens Kawanishi Miki always wears. I adore her. She's one of my favourite models.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn colours

It's almost the end of summer. Autumn colours are kicking in.

When I think of autumn colours, I think about the monotonous and also deep rich colours.

Outfit of the day. Incorporating the monotonous autumn colours.
Another simple look. I've already packed most of my clothes. So no more clothes in my wardrobe ;0;

Make up of the day
Without falsies. I wanted to add on falsies but since I ain't going out long and just hanging out for a drink. I skipped it but I piled lots of mascara.
Can't see in the picture.

For the autumn look,
Instead of using a bubblegum pink blush. I used a coral blush.
A MLBB lipstick colour instead of my favourite pale pink lipsticks.

First trench coat!

Sorry has been busy with the packing of my luggages thus I am not posting as much.
I have yet to fly off. Anyway, It's good to do prepacking to check whether I exceed the luggage weight limit or no.
I will do a detail post later on the country I am going to next month.

I live in a tropical country so I have never had winter/autumn clothes in my wardrobe. Gosh who wants to wear a parka or trench coat in a 34 degree Celsius weather. You will feel like you have been baked or grilled.

Since I am flying to a country with four seasons, I finally got my first ever trench coat.
I have always dreamt of wearing a trench coat. They are just too gorgeous.
*hugs trench coat*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a small OOTD..

Yesterday's outfit. Wearing something more formal as I have to back to college to get my statement.
After taking my statement, I went for bowling with my friends. It was my first time bowling and I am terrible at it.

We also catch a movie. The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

I also bought a new lipstick. Just because it was 20% off.
Elianto Matte Berry Lipstick in Pink BerryPackaging is really sweet.It comes in a sleek tube with lots of floral prints. Really girly. The code for the colour is 01 and it is made in Italy. The swatch. It is a pinkish berry.

Swatch,Left: Elianto Right: NYX round lipstick in Frappucino ( a MLBB colour for me)

This colour pink berry is a MLBB colour. A subtle pink.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New purse and my haircolour

I was really busy for the past days with my briefing day, personal issues and also family emergencies.
My old purse has a hole since i don't know when and I had always wanted to change it but I never got to look out of a new purse.

On Saturday, I finally bought a new purse!I seldom visit topshop because well clothes are expensive due to the exchange rate but their purses are pretty decently priced.
simple one. I don't like elaborate designs.

Dyed my hair too.

Friday, August 20, 2010

more more more!

Had a great day today with my A level buddies.

I actually pull up an effort to do my hair.Not perfect, but an effort is still an effort.
I have to work more with the curling iron.

We ate at KFC. I know I am gonna get fat.
It's really nice to catch up with them and knowing where they are heading to.

I bought a few things at the shopping mall.
A rose hair clip.
To clip my hair when I use the bumpits. I do not have a proper clip.
Yesterday pics, I was using bobby pins.

A bottle of hairspray.I do not own a hairspray. Sad, but true.
I have hair wax and hair foam only.

And, another parcel came.I must have gone crazy with eyelash shopping.Two boxes of lash. Top lashes and bottom lashes.

Top lash.It's my first time getting transparent band lashes. They are slightly pricier than those with bands.
This design is really pretty.The seller told me when worn it will look like Dolly Wink's No.1 design. I don't see the resemblance but let's see how it goes.

Bottom lashI don't own many bottom lashes. I only got 1 box with 5 pairs.
I guess if i cut 1 strip into fragments. 1 strip can be used lots of time.
It's also transparent band and cost as much as the top lashes I got.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flaunt it like Gaga!

Bought new hair accessories.Lady Gaga's style hair bow. With dango hair.
I finally learn how to do dango hair. bwahahaha. I know I am slow.

with hair loose down.

It's really soft eventhough it's not made with real hair. The colour I bought is blonde but it looks like caramel brown.
It's the same colour as my previous hair colour which now faded into 2 tone.

I also got bumpits finally.
I don't what took me so long to purchase them and they are not expensive at all, infact, really cheap.

Hohoho. I have agejo hair minus the curls.
It still needs some work though

NOTD. I have short nails and i painted them in a nude colour.
I want to get my nails done but I am too broke for that. =(

On the side note,
I am rotting at home.

I am gonna start my uni intake soon but damn where's my NOC.
Pleaseeee replyyyy to meeee.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New glasses!

Let's start with what I picked up at my local drugstore.
beautylabo leave-on treatment gel, Montagne Jeunesse blemish mask and fudge sauna.beautylabo's treatment gel looks so tiny. It's 120ml.

I tested the soft snap function of my digicam. Not really good. =(

Here you go, my glasses promotion photoshoot-kind of photos.Yes. I am wearing my brand new eyeglasses.
Love it so much!

and a complimentary pic of me without makeup at all with homewear and stuff.Why did i bother post this. Oh nevermind...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random camwhore

I want a new digital camera!
Who wants sponsor me one. Ok, I know no one is gonna sponsor me.
Sadly, I have to be my own sponsor.

I want a panasonic lumix
Because my sony cybershot is hopeless at camwhoring. Picks up too much red.

Camwhore with phone camera.
I like the brightness of my phone camera more.Look at how much root is showing. $^#$%@%#

What I am wearing it is a home-wear T-shirt.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip out with family...

Actually I should post more about yesterday but I was too lazy to extract the pictures from the camera.
Hit me.My random FOTD.

Something I never tried before. Durian pancake.The filling is so creamy and rich.Mini durian pancakes.
Ate at Kenny Rogers.
My hot chocolicious milkThe swirl is actually dark chocolate!My sister's ice blended cappucinoMy quarter chicken meal.
The macaroni and cheese is too rich for my liking. bleuk.

I also finally got "Gone with the Wind". Now I can read in hard copy format instead of the soft copy format with gets a little troublesome.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A little plan...

I am planning on redying my hair so I picked up some dye.I wanted to dye back black but everyone i advising me not to.
Reason number 1, you will think you look freaking ugly when you dye back black.
Getting the colour Ultra light natural blonde is a risk. Hopefully my hair won't turn yellow or orange, if not, hair saloon here I come. I have to get it tone.

Orange and Yellow hair is Y.U.C.K.
Although I have to admit, my current hair colour is quite orange.

My current hair colour.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahahaha, found my wallet and little FOTD


I found my wallet. Weeeeee~

*does the happy dance*

сегодня экзамен по русскому языку
It was okay, hopefully I didn't do much mistakes on it.I am trying my best to improve my Russian language eventhough I fail so much at its grammar D=

random picture of the day.
Still with all the pinks.