Saturday, August 14, 2010

A little plan...

I am planning on redying my hair so I picked up some dye.I wanted to dye back black but everyone i advising me not to.
Reason number 1, you will think you look freaking ugly when you dye back black.
Getting the colour Ultra light natural blonde is a risk. Hopefully my hair won't turn yellow or orange, if not, hair saloon here I come. I have to get it tone.

Orange and Yellow hair is Y.U.C.K.
Although I have to admit, my current hair colour is quite orange.

My current hair colour.


  1. Oh good luck with the hairdye!
    Lol I dyed my hair black not long ago, after having brown/lightbrown for a very long time and I thought I looked like an ugly emo something kid hahah =0= .. kinda stupid when I'm asian I know lol. >_>
    I like the brown better though!
    I hope your color will turn out nicely! ^_^


  2. Thanks!
    LOL, you are not the only one, they are tons of people like you too. Black just makes everything look dull.

    I hope it turns out good if not i have to spend more money this month to tone to the right shade.