Friday, August 20, 2010

more more more!

Had a great day today with my A level buddies.

I actually pull up an effort to do my hair.Not perfect, but an effort is still an effort.
I have to work more with the curling iron.

We ate at KFC. I know I am gonna get fat.
It's really nice to catch up with them and knowing where they are heading to.

I bought a few things at the shopping mall.
A rose hair clip.
To clip my hair when I use the bumpits. I do not have a proper clip.
Yesterday pics, I was using bobby pins.

A bottle of hairspray.I do not own a hairspray. Sad, but true.
I have hair wax and hair foam only.

And, another parcel came.I must have gone crazy with eyelash shopping.Two boxes of lash. Top lashes and bottom lashes.

Top lash.It's my first time getting transparent band lashes. They are slightly pricier than those with bands.
This design is really pretty.The seller told me when worn it will look like Dolly Wink's No.1 design. I don't see the resemblance but let's see how it goes.

Bottom lashI don't own many bottom lashes. I only got 1 box with 5 pairs.
I guess if i cut 1 strip into fragments. 1 strip can be used lots of time.
It's also transparent band and cost as much as the top lashes I got.



    you've been tagged :)

  2. Where do you purchase them? its gorgeous!

  3. @shinibana, Ah thanks, I will do it later.