Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More lens

Dedicated to circle lenses.
Please bear with my naked eye.

i.Fairy Ruby PinkThe design looks a lil scary. Looks like I have reptilian eye.
Colour wise is very opaque as you can see from the photo. The pink stands out so much!
It's also pretty comfortable. I can wear for 8 hours straight.

I want more pink lens. RAWRRRRR.

Super Barbie Max Blue
Super Barbie Max Pure design is lovely. It's like a subtle version of the Candy series.
The colours are more faded out but still the colour is opaque, The black ring isn't as obvious as the candy series.
This brand's lens is VERY comfortable and it's much softer than other brand.

GnG BlackSo dolly look! ♥♥
I always like how black circle lens gives me a more kuri kuri me look.
This lens was given to me by my optometrist to try out. Thankies to him ♥

It's very comfortable, much more than my Geo, almost as comfortable as the i.Fairy and Barbie.
Design is also very pretty.
Looks like the lens Kawanishi Miki always wears. I adore her. She's one of my favourite models.


  1. These are very cute! I want pink ones now....

  2. The last one is very pretty ~~ !!! I love Kanashi Miki too, and I'm always amazed by her pretty eyes =)

  3. @Ayame, I want more pink lenses too. I like the colour.
    @Tommy, Yeap I really like the last one too, it gives a dolly look. KAwanishi Miki has pretty eyes and she's so sweet looking too.