Sunday, August 8, 2010


I had a talk with my optometrist today , regarding circle lenses.

Does the diameter of the circle lens affects the permeability of oxygen into the cornea.
No it doesn't, what actually affects it most is the base curve of the lens.

The problem with Korean or Japanese lenses. Is its base curve.They are Asian fit.
Yes. They are made especially to cater for Asian eyes ONLY which is 8.6mm.

The risk of wearing lenses with the wrong base curve is that the lens may slide and scratch the cornea and cause severe irritation.

So it is advisable to get your base curve checked before getting circle lenses online.

Also, He gave me a pair of circle lens to try.
They are G&G.
These are the black ring ones

Also i finally picked my glasses!!The box.Casing.

Ta-da. This is from the Ruben Acetate collection. The Chanel 5220 eyeglasses.

I love the ribbon at the side. It is also engraved with the Chanel logo.

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