Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New glasses!

Let's start with what I picked up at my local drugstore.
beautylabo leave-on treatment gel, Montagne Jeunesse blemish mask and fudge sauna.beautylabo's treatment gel looks so tiny. It's 120ml.

I tested the soft snap function of my digicam. Not really good. =(

Here you go, my glasses promotion photoshoot-kind of photos.Yes. I am wearing my brand new eyeglasses.
Love it so much!

and a complimentary pic of me without makeup at all with homewear and stuff.Why did i bother post this. Oh nevermind...


  1. oowwh you're soo cute omg! x33
    I'm soo jealous of your glasses, they are sooo pretty! o: <333

  2. Thanks >.<
    I really love my glasses too, they are chic <3