Sunday, September 30, 2012

lights and midautumn

How is everyone doing this weekend?

I finally went out to the city center yesterday to have fun at the circle of light festival.
It was freezing cold outside.

The light show in Red Square.

The moon is so round, it is midautumn festival.

Celebrated midautumn festival with the gang after the event. We brought our mooncakes from home!

Lanterns in the room. Thank goodness it didnt burn.

Happy MidAutumn Festival everyone! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life update - 22nd September

My first pastry from a bakery here. I just found out there's a chain bakery store here.
That's pretty slow.
Croissant with dark chocolate. It is so tasty!

I have been really busy these days, it has been impossible for me to get proper rest and stuffs.
I feel like my timetable is really congested and there's hardly any breathing space. 
I have to endure this till July of 2013. Hopefully everything will go well. I really need to pass this year.

On the happy note, my dad just picked up my Gmarket order. 
Since It is not sent to where I am now, I am unable to show the haul yet. The shipping to Malaysia is much cheaper than to Russia. 

But, I am gonna say that I am really satisfied with my purchases, everything came in good and nicely packed with bubble wrap (for the cosmetic items).
I have to say G-market is slowly becoming my favourite place to shop online. 
I will be having a 2nd parcel coming soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

15th in Autumn

I shouldn't be hauling but finally the beauty shop restocked some items I have been eying.
It is better to grab them before they go off the rack again

Let's see what are the items I got.

Essence Colour & Shine eyeshadow, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB and Catrice Prime and Fine Primer.

Catrice Prime and Fine Primer. 
This goes off the shelves really fast! 
Last week it was all out of stock now after they restocked it, mine is the last one left.
So, have to grab it!

The product is pinkish with a semi balmy texture. From the texture you can sort of tell there's silicon going on in the product.
It is priced at 249RUB for 14g of product.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB.
This is one of the product I have my eyes on. I just wanna try it eventhough I know it won't surpass Korean BB creams. 

I am glad it came sealed. You don't know what people will do with the product when it is not sealed.
The texture is very liquidy I can predict the product is gonna create a mess at the cap.

I chose the lightest colour.
It is priced at 329RUB for 30ml. A little pricey for only 30ml worth of product.

Essence Colour & Shine eyeshadow in 02 Stage beauty. This is a steal.
I got it for only 49RUB on sale.

It is a beautiful bronze colour, suitable for an everyday look.
Plus point, the colour payoff is totally great for the price. My only grip is how hard it is to pop the lid open.
Other than that, so far, no complains!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hong Kong Airport Haul - Summer 2012

I just placed a Gmarket order, so far everything is in order except my hoodie hasn't been delivered to the Gmarket warehouse.
I hope everything turns out alright. I am kinda excited. 
I placed an order on two hoodies, some cosmetic samples on Korean high-end cosmetics (History of Whoo, Hera and Mamonde) and a Castledew foundation.
Looks like I am gonna be so addicted to Gmarket.

Finally the long awaited airport haul from Hong Kong.

The thing I like transiting in HK is their duty free because it offers variety of Asian brands at duty free and also Western. I like Asian brands slightly more than Western.

the first thing I got,

Laneige's traveller's exclusive Water Sleeping Pack Ex Duo. 
I haven't tried Laneige before but I really try their products since they are known for being hydrating.
My mum uses some Laneige cosmetics. Laneige is a brand under Amore pacific (Sulwashoo, IOPE, Mamonde, Etude House etc.)

I got this for HKD340. 

It comes in a classy see-through light blue plastic tub.
It is light unlike Bio-Essence's Face Lifting Cream's tub. That one is one heavy tub.

The next mini haul is definitely from my favourite brand - Jill Stuart.

I picked up three items, an eyelash curler, a jelly eye colour and a jelly lipgloss.

The eyelash curler is packaged nicely in Jill Stuart's elegant imprinted plastic box.

the imprint is just, oh so gorgeous.
I can't make myself to throw the box away.

The colour for this eyelash curler is definitely unique, it is not a gold nor bronze. It is somewhere between a rose coloured bronze and gold.
Super pretty colour.

The cute "diamond" dangling from the handle.

The "Jill Stuart" brand name engraved on the curler.

Next item!
Jill Stuart Jelly Color N.
This is one of Jill Stuart's 'hit' item. I understand why it is a hit because of the lovely texture, lasting and colour payoff.

The colour I got is Platinum Satin.

It comes in a typical elegant Jill Stuart packaging.
The pot is made from glass.

Platinum Satin is a shimmery light bronzed colour with rose coloured base.
The shimmers in Jelly Eye Color is heavy duty but it is really pretty.

A closer look into the eye jelly.

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss.
My first lip product from Jill Stuart.

The colour I got, 03 Dolly Kiss.
It comes with 15ml worth of product.

It has a cute pink "diamond" on the cap.

Closer look in the lip colour.

That's all I got from HK airport. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Permanently. - Beauty Store loot

I have lots of BB cream but they are Asian BB creams or the Asian version of western BB cream. So, to be exact I never tried a real deal western BB cream before.

Since today I need to get to the beauty store to get a backup for my shampoo and wet toilet wipes, I picked up two items.

Eveline Cosmetics BB Cream and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe.

Eveline Cosmetics BB cream will mark my first western BB Cream.
Actually I wanted the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB but it was all sold off the rack. Looks like Maybelline's BB is quite a hit here too.
So I have to resort to this BB Cream. I will get my hands on Maybelline's BB Cream when I see it.
It comes in two colours, light complexion and tan complexion. Not a great colour selection.
It comes in a great amount too, 50ml despite the tube looks really small. 

There's nothing special about the packaging, it looks well like most European cosmetics' packaging. I won't complain.

The swatch of the BB Cream. This BB Cream has a moussy texture, somewhat like The Face Shop's Lovely Me:Ex Honey BB Cream but more airy and whipped. 

It swatches slightly orange on my hand. I haven't try it on my face.
It was priced at 145.00Rubles per tube.

I finally got to pick up the highly raved Maybelline Color Tattoo. I really wanted one but it is not available in Asia. 

Permanent Taupe such a pretty colour and a good everyday colour.
Most of eyeshadow collections are in earth tone colours. I am such a boring person.

It is so freezing cold here today. Is this even Autumn? Currently, It is 8 degree Celcius outside.
I think I am gonna catch a cold soon because of the unstable weather. *hides under comforter*

Friday, September 7, 2012

Autumn Bronze - Catrice loot.

Lately my skin has been super bad. It just decrease the mood for any makeup or anything.
I have been putting ointment and all the jazz on my skin with hope that it would get better.
So now I am only gonna focus on my skin till everything gets better.
I will cut down on FOTDs.

Here is my small Catrice haul.
I bought two eyeshadows only because I couldn't resist these colours.

This is a very bronzy brown.
I am not sure of this eyeshadow's name since the security sticker was sticked on the label, when i pull it off, the label came out together.
Looking on online swatches, I think it is Mr. Copper's Fields

Super gorgeous colour.

This is a straight up shimmery orange. A fun colour, a colour which I have been searching for.
Absolute eyeshadow mono in Dalai Drama.

Just so pretty. I am so happy I got this.

On the other note, I miss shopping in my country a lot and I am really homesick.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Autumn buys - Catrice

It is bad, hauled on the first day i touched down.
Anyway, there's a new brand sneaking around the beauty store here - Catrice.
I have heard raves of this brand from beautygurus on youtube so I jumped the bandwagon to get it.

I like the brand's packaging. It is so sleek and classy. Reminds me of Shu Uemura's packaging.

I bought a blush and a mono eyeshadow and got a free mono eyeshadow.

Absolute Eye Colour Mono in Gilbert's Grapefruit.

Gilbert's Grapefruit is a super shimmery pink with gold shimmer.

This is the free mono eyeshadow.Absolute Eye Colour Mono in Carbon Bleu.

It is a deep navy with some silver shimmers.

Defining Duo Blush in Pink Grapefruit Shake.

it comes in two tone. A shimmery light pink side and a rosy pink side.
It is very pretty.

That's all I got this time. Maybe I will go check out Catrice more since they are really affordable.