Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life update - 22nd September

My first pastry from a bakery here. I just found out there's a chain bakery store here.
That's pretty slow.
Croissant with dark chocolate. It is so tasty!

I have been really busy these days, it has been impossible for me to get proper rest and stuffs.
I feel like my timetable is really congested and there's hardly any breathing space. 
I have to endure this till July of 2013. Hopefully everything will go well. I really need to pass this year.

On the happy note, my dad just picked up my Gmarket order. 
Since It is not sent to where I am now, I am unable to show the haul yet. The shipping to Malaysia is much cheaper than to Russia. 

But, I am gonna say that I am really satisfied with my purchases, everything came in good and nicely packed with bubble wrap (for the cosmetic items).
I have to say G-market is slowly becoming my favourite place to shop online. 
I will be having a 2nd parcel coming soon!

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  1. I'm actually not a fan of that pastry. Too much croissant, not enough chocolate.