Saturday, September 15, 2012

15th in Autumn

I shouldn't be hauling but finally the beauty shop restocked some items I have been eying.
It is better to grab them before they go off the rack again

Let's see what are the items I got.

Essence Colour & Shine eyeshadow, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB and Catrice Prime and Fine Primer.

Catrice Prime and Fine Primer. 
This goes off the shelves really fast! 
Last week it was all out of stock now after they restocked it, mine is the last one left.
So, have to grab it!

The product is pinkish with a semi balmy texture. From the texture you can sort of tell there's silicon going on in the product.
It is priced at 249RUB for 14g of product.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB.
This is one of the product I have my eyes on. I just wanna try it eventhough I know it won't surpass Korean BB creams. 

I am glad it came sealed. You don't know what people will do with the product when it is not sealed.
The texture is very liquidy I can predict the product is gonna create a mess at the cap.

I chose the lightest colour.
It is priced at 329RUB for 30ml. A little pricey for only 30ml worth of product.

Essence Colour & Shine eyeshadow in 02 Stage beauty. This is a steal.
I got it for only 49RUB on sale.

It is a beautiful bronze colour, suitable for an everyday look.
Plus point, the colour payoff is totally great for the price. My only grip is how hard it is to pop the lid open.
Other than that, so far, no complains!

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