Friday, September 7, 2012

Autumn Bronze - Catrice loot.

Lately my skin has been super bad. It just decrease the mood for any makeup or anything.
I have been putting ointment and all the jazz on my skin with hope that it would get better.
So now I am only gonna focus on my skin till everything gets better.
I will cut down on FOTDs.

Here is my small Catrice haul.
I bought two eyeshadows only because I couldn't resist these colours.

This is a very bronzy brown.
I am not sure of this eyeshadow's name since the security sticker was sticked on the label, when i pull it off, the label came out together.
Looking on online swatches, I think it is Mr. Copper's Fields

Super gorgeous colour.

This is a straight up shimmery orange. A fun colour, a colour which I have been searching for.
Absolute eyeshadow mono in Dalai Drama.

Just so pretty. I am so happy I got this.

On the other note, I miss shopping in my country a lot and I am really homesick.

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