Sunday, August 31, 2014

Getting life back in tune

Arrived safely in Moscow and still trying to settle in. I am doing a major autumn cleaning to my room and oh gosh over two months it has collected a great amount of dust bunnies.
I don't know is it me, but I do find Moscow really dusty. Everything gets dusty really quick.

Yesterday I went to Ikea and Auchan to get my supplies and I am back to trying the scented candles from Ikea again. The last one I bought was 4 years ago and I seldom burn it and in the end I threw it away. Now, I found a nice space for this lovely candle. This is the Sinnlig candle in Full Blossom.

Since I am going to have more time with the computer now since I am back to study life. I am going to update all my summer travel diary, travel in Malaysia, past hauls and also beauty favourites.

To Malaysians, Happy Independence Day. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The end of Summer. I always find it to hard to say goodbye to Summer because for me, it means leaving home again.
Leaving the place where you call home, where there's the comfort with the family.

A simple selfie of me during my times of enjoyment and leisure in Malaysia. Soaking in the warmth of the tropical sun.

I am going to miss home so much and it will 9 months before I come back again.
I will log off now, when we meet again in this blog, I will be in Moscow. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sasa outlet buys - theBalm, Docile

Let's call this an unexpected haul but who could resist not getting anything from a beauty outlet store, what more a Sasa outlet.
The Sasa Outlet which I paid a visit is located in One Shamelin Mall.

The items are discontinued items or items close to expiration date. They have brands ranging from Sasatinne (Sasa's own in-store brand), Cyber Colors, theBalm, Dr. Wu, Dr. G etc.
They are really cheaply priced.

I did some interesting things. I am happy with my haul.

Docile Eyeshadow Palette, theBalm Shady Lady eyeshadows.

They are 3 for RM30, which is a total steal. I have never tried theBalm products before, I am really excited about the eyeshadows.

Docile Eyeshadow Palette in Star Bronze

The packaging is so beautiful with the diamond cut silver packaging. It reminds me of VOV's packagings for their eyeshadow.

Star Bronze is a basic neutral palette with browns that we need for everyday.
I mainly picked this up because I need to make it 3 for RM30 and I couldn't find another shade that I like from the collection of theBalm eyeshadows in the basket. Green and blues are so not my alley.

I pick up two eyeshadows from theBalm and no surprise they are both neutrals. I could hardly step out from my comfort zone.
Neutrals are my best friend when it comes to eyeshadows.

I was really happy when I saw theBalm eyeshadows in the clearance. I have been wanting to try out for the longest time.

Just this once Jamie is a beautiful taupe shade.

Mischievious Marissa is medium brown.

I have to rummage through the basket to get the unswatched shadows. Why can't some people just leave the shadows alone instead of swatching them.
It is so unhygienic.

Overall I am really happy with the cheap thrills I have found, never know what you will get in a beauty outlet, good to pop in now and then.

Eating out : Kim Lian Kee Restaurant

Being Chinese, I do love some fried noodles. Kim Lian Kee has a long history in Hokkien Mee, the shop has been running in Petaling Street/China Town since the 1920s serving the much loved wok fried Hokkien noodles with many branches around Kuala Lumpur.

I visited one of their branches in Aeon Cheras Selatan.

The interior of the restaurant.

This is what my dad and I ordered.

I love the Hokkien Mee. It has enough flavour and wok hei (it is hard to explain this but literally it is translated as breath of the wok, it is strong smell of food that has been fried)

Claypot Loh Shee Fun. Ah! This taste so good too.

This is the third branch I've visited, I have been to their original shop in Petaling Street/Chinatown and their branch in Lot 10. Throughout the branches the food quality is kept the same, which is a good thing.
I really like Kim Lian Kee's Hokkien Mee and I will definitely go back for more. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Summer Edit - Lipstick picks (Drugstore)

Summer is coming to an end but it is not going to stop me from posting my top drugstore lip product picks for Summer

All year round, I stick with my pinks, I do not tend to have a summer colour or an autumn colour. On some summer days, I do tend to be a little more crazy or bold and try out bolder and brighter colours. Feeling all summery.

3 Concept Eye Lip Lacquer in 'Pink Boom', Candy Doll Lipgloss in Macaroon Pink, Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in Pink Punch, Catrice Lipstick in 'Oh Juicy', NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

3 Concept Eye Lip Lacquer texture is somewhat similar to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. Pink Boom is a bright loud fuchsia, it is a fun and bold colour, definitely not for that faint hearted. I find this extremely flattering on Asian skintones, it is one of those shades that immediately brightens up the look. It can be applied full or dabbed across the lips to give a subtle hint of pink.

Candy Doll Lipgloss in Macaroon Pink. Macaroon Pink is a pale milky pink. It has enough amount of white to create a milky pink lips but not enough to wash me out. It contains hyaluronic acid which keeps the lips supple and full but just don't apply too much, it can get really gooey and patchy, not pretty at all.

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in Pink Punch. This looks like a dusty pink in the photo but in real life is a bright pink with coral undertones. Very fun and very summery colour. The Colorshow lipsticks seems to be an Asian limited thing which is unfortunate. It is very affordable and comes in a wide range of colours. The finish is semi-matte. The lipstick is not very moisturizing but it isn't too dry.

Catrice Lipstick, oh, I just love Catrice's lipstick. The texture is really creamy, it feels moderately good on the lips, the colour pay off is just great! 'Oh Juicy' is a bright straight up orange. It just screams loud. Great orange lipstick for the summer.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, I can't just say how much I adore this shade. It is a pink with coral undertones. It is one of those colours that brightens up every look. Gorgeous gorgeous shade.

So these are my 5 picks for summer. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

FOTD - Just another day

The base I have used here is the Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, the tone I am using now which is #20 is a tinge too dark for me but It doesn't stop me from loving this foundation. Sad it got discontinued but I am also loving the Perfection Lumiere which replaced this foundation equally as much. Like typical matte foundations, It keeps oiliness at bay while giving a soft matte finish, there some illuminating effects in it, it doesn't go harshly matte which make the face look so flat. It is hard to explain the effect with you could say it gives a dimension to the face. I have combination skin which leans dry, this foundation doesn't dry my skin out.

Blush is Essence Me & My Icecream cream blush in 01 Ice Bomb. This is such a beautiful coral that complements well with my makeup look most of the time. It gives me a healthy look. Sad that it is a limited edition.

Lipstick is NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose. This is a perfect mauve pink for everyday. It isn't too bright and it has just enough mauve to tone down the pink. It is one of my favourite colours from the NYX Round Lipstick line. I will do a top list for my favourite NYX Round Lipsticks soon. Keeping my words.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eating out : Hakata Ippudo Ramen

Hakata Ippudo Ramen is located in Pavilion in Bukit Bintang.
I have heard a lot about in restaurant before I came back to Malaysia. So, I knew I really need to go and try the food out.

A bowl of noodles ranges from RM26 to RM36. Since it is lunch time, we decided to opt for the lunch set meal which is RM29.90++ and you have a choice of side dish or dessert with hot or cold green tea. I find the lunch set menu is more value for money.

Bara Bara Rice

"Japanese chashu rice topped with fresh diced Japanese cucumber, pork loin, egg and flying fish roe with homemade sauce. "

I find this dish just average. Maybe it is all the cucumbers and flying fish roe and seaweed, it taste like sushi but the sweet sauce added a flavour to the dish. Better mix everything well before eating it, if not, i would taste like cucumber maki.

Shiromaru Motoaji

"Ippudo's original tonkotsu broth served with ultra thin noodles, pork loin, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions. Classic Hakata Style Ramen"

I really love the broth. It is flavourful and there's a hint of sweetness from the pork.
At first sip it doesn't get you but the more you eat, the taste somewhat amplifies and everything taste better.

Akamaru Shinaji

"Ippudo's original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, pork belly, kikurage and spring onions. A refined modern styled ramen"

This ramen is for the folks who loves it spicy. The spicy miso gives an extra oomph to the broth.

Wasabi Ice Cream

An acquired taste but I love the blend of coldness of the ice cream and the numbing tinglyness of the wasabi. A perfect match.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Massive 3CE haul #2

Another massive 3 Concept Eyes haul. It has been a year since the last time I did a massive 3 Concept Eyes haul (link here).

This might be my last 3CE haul because for the price I am paying for these products, I could top up a little more and get better products. They are pretty pricey for what they are despite getting them at slightly lower than market price in Korea.
They are not bad or awful products, after buying so many of their products ad trying them out, I felt that they are many better brands outside that I could get than this brand.

3 Concept Eyes Enriched Treatment Face Oil

The dewy makeup look is a trend in Korea and this product helps in creating the look by dropping some oil into the foundation.
This face oil reminds me of Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuese .

It comes with a beautiful frosted glass jar.

3 Concept Glossing Waterful Foundation

One word. Impulse buy.

The shade is #milkivory

The packaging of this foundation is gorgeous, with the frosted glass bottle and also dropper. The dropper makes it convenient and avoids overpouring of foundation.
This foundation is very watery the coverage is non-existent to light. If you have perfect skin and you just want to slightly even out your skintone, this might be the foundation but other than that, I don't think it is the foundation. It won't cover redness or blemishes. Also, it can't be build up.
Since it is light, this foundation won't settle in lines nor cake, it gives a beautiful soft glossy finish. On oily skin type, it might lean too oily. It is more suited for drier skin types.
This foundation is not long lasting. That is the problem with light foundations.
It depends on what your skin needs. This is not a foundation for everyone. It is the foundation for people with dry and close to perfect skin.

3 Concept Eyes Natural Finish Loose Powder in #001

This loose powder comes in a typical black lidded packaging and a puff inside.
I haven't tried this powder yet and it is collecting dust in my vanity, I am just too attached to my MAC MSF Natural.

3 Concept Eyes Powdery Lip & Cheek

3 Concept Eyes Powdery Lip & Cheek in Popo & Tibet Orange

Popo is a light purple pink shade and Tibet Orange is bright orange.

I like these products. The colour are gorgeous especially on the cheeks, they are great! The product sorts of finishes powder-like on my skin. Since they lean to a powder finish, they do not work well as lip product, they just settle too much on the lip line and even made my not-so-dry lips like Sahara desert. Flaking everywhere. Pretty much any lip junkie's nightmare.

3 Concept Eyes Cream Blusher in New Pink

New Pink is a pale pink shade. A nice everyday shade for blush.
Cream blush are great during the colder months where the skin is dryer, it gives the skin a luminous glow and also colour to the cheeks.
I picked this up because I just wanted to their cream blusher.

3 Concept Eyes Liquid Foundation in Ivory Beige

It comes in a squeezy tube like this.
The texture of the foundation is slightly watery and light. It finishes of semi matte on the skin but due to the texture, the coverage only lies at light to medium. Definitely more coverage compared to the Glossing Waterful Foundation but it doesn't conceal much redness and blemishes.
It is light on the skin but it is not light airy like.
It doesn't last too long on the skin, without setting it, it can melt of just like that in a mere 4 hours. I just somehow find this foundation stays on the skin and doesn't 'stick' to the skin.

A foundation for the close to perfect skin.
Those with blemishes, acne or pimples, this won't be the foundation you are looking for.

3 Concept Eyes Full Cover Concealer in #001

I think I have found a gem in 3CE's makeup line. This has been my favourite concealer for my undereyes.
The texture of the concealer is gel-like so it is very light on the undereye and doesn't set into the fine lines.
It last very long and coverage is great for dark eye circles.

This concealer works well for undereye but it doesn't set well on blemishes.

3 Concept Eyes Fresh Aqua Mist

I got this as a free gift from purchasing the creamy lipstick.

3 Concept Eyes Jumbo Lip Crayon

3 Concept Eyes Jumbo Lip Crayon in #Pop Orange.

I remembered ordering in #Cream Orange instead of #Pop Orange. Kinda disappointing because it is not the colour I have hoped for.
I am not buying anymore Jumbo Lip Crayon because I am lazy when it comes to sharpening my makeup.

3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby BB Cream.

Another product that comes in a squeezy tube.

Their BB Cream is newly released so I was really interested in it.

Finally a product for the girls who need coverage. If you were thinking about the Glossing Waterful Foundation but need the coverage, then this is the product for you.
The texture is viscous like most Korean BB Creams and the finish is soft and dewy with medium to high coverage that is slightly buildable.

3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer in 'Pink Boom'

I got really intrigued with the lip lacquer since products like this are not easy to come by in the Korean market.
The texture, it's really creamy. I applies 'wet' on the lips to dry down and 'clings' to the lips. It reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and Bourjois Rouge Velvet.
Like most lip creams type of formula, it is always advised to exfoliate and moisturize the lips the day prior of using the product as along the day upon application, the product will dry the lips out and settle into fine lines.
Not a very attractive look.

Comparing the 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and Bourjois Rouge Velvet, I would say the Bourjois Rouge Velvet is definitely the winner. I just like its unexplainable velvet airy feeling on the lips, it's a velvet dream and throughout the day my lips still doesn't feel dry.
In terms of colour selection, I give the 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquers and NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams the thumbs up.
If you have to choose 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquers or NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, I would say give NYX a go because in terms of performance these two are somewhat similar but NYX wins at the price department.

3 Concept Eyes Honey Face Chiffon Fluid

3 Concept Eyes Honey Face Chiffon Fluid comes in a squeezy tube too.

The texture of the foundation is slightly mousse like. The finish is matte and the coverage is medium to high. I find it has better oil control than the other foundations from 3CE.

More 3 Concept Eyes lippies, I am a lippie junkie and I have got to say I like 3CE's lipsticks due the great colour variety.

3 Concept Eyes Lip Color in Deep Kisser, Violeta and Bella.

Bella is a deep plum berry colour. It is very vampy.

Violeta is a deep purple pink shade.

Deep Kisser is a fuchsia pink with slight purple in it.

3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color

I got two shades : Roller Coaster & Dazzling.

Roller Coaster is a baby pink.

Dazzling is a pink beige.

3 Concept Eyes in Water Gloss in Chewing

This is a new product from 3CE so I picked it up to try it out.

That sums up my really massive 3 Concept Eyes haul.