Monday, August 11, 2014

Melting in the summer

I heard a lot about the Banila co. CC Cream but never got myself to getting it because there are couple reviews saying it is so sheer that it doesn't provide coverage and it is a white cream instead of those with colour capsules.
In the end, I did get something from the CC line which is the Banila co CC Melting Pact.

The packaging is very minimalistic. It is just a plain white compact with the name of the item and brand printed on.

The compact comes with a sponge and also a lid to protect the product from drying up.

The reason I got it is because it looks like it will some coverage since it promised a light coverage of a finishing/powder pact compared to other products of Banila co. CC line and also it was on sale.
For the summer season, this cream foundation are great since it adheres well on the skin. 

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