Thursday, August 7, 2014

Travel Diary : Sandakan, Sabah Day 2 - The Central Market and St. Michael's church

It's the second day morning. We headed out to the market in the town of Sandakan to hunt for breakfast. Since it is Eid Mubarak, most shops were closed.

The jeti right beside the market.

This is the stall that we got our breakfast fix.
It is homemade flat rice noodles with deep fried pork. This shop is well known among the Sandakan Chinese community for its long history and hearty noodles with fragrant broth.

So on the day we visited, there weren't any soup left so we had to opt for the 'dry' version.

The kuey teow/hor fun is slightly different from the usual Ipoh hor fun that we are used to. It is chubbier and less silky and chewy.

The view of the sea behind the market.

Sun-dried seafood!! We have dried anchovies, dried shrimps, salted fish!

St. Michael's and All Angels' church.

It is one of the oldest buildings in Sandakan that dates more than 100 years and has survived WWII.

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