Monday, August 4, 2014

FOTD : Sunday walk + small review

For this FOTD, my base is  Max Factor's Face Finity Foundation. This is one good drugstore foundation, it is really full coverage without being cakey. All I need is very little amount to even out my skintone and cover most of my blemishes.
It is not oily or dry at all on my combination skin. I have to try out this foundation more often to give a more in depth review.

My mascara this time around is L'oreal Volumissime Extra Black. I want to love this mascara. It gives my lashes the most beautiful volume and length but it is such a pity, this mascara smudges. By the end of the day I would have some raccoon eye action because of this mascara. Same goes to L'oreal Gelmatic Pen, I want to love this eyeliner pen too, for a drugstore eyeliner it has a great pigmentation, it is jet black, black as night and it is so smooth and soft, doesn't tug the lid at all but it also smudges on me. What a waste.
I find it quite a task to find eyeliners that do not smudge on me. All these while I have been living with eyeliners that smudges.

On the other note, I have bought two, you could call it high-end eyeliners. I am going to get on reviewing them soon. It might be a new HG.

ZA Rich Glam Liquid Rouge is beautiful on the lips but I wouldn't call it a liquid rouge. It is more like a pigmented lipgloss. It has a high shine but the pigmentation somehow lacks if you want to call it a liquid rouge. Pigmentation wise it is comparable to the NYX Round Lipglosses. When you call it a liquid rouge , I would expect a pigmentation like Rimmel's Apocalypse or L'oreal L'extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick.
Still it is a lovely lip colour to own, it is not sticky and it is quite moisturizing on the lips.
In the photo, I put on one swipe of the liquid rouge.
If you don't like a in your face lip colour, this is one product to look out. There are lovely shades to choose from .
The shade I am using is RS481. It is a blue tone medium pink. 

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