Monday, August 25, 2014

Sasa outlet buys - theBalm, Docile

Let's call this an unexpected haul but who could resist not getting anything from a beauty outlet store, what more a Sasa outlet.
The Sasa Outlet which I paid a visit is located in One Shamelin Mall.

The items are discontinued items or items close to expiration date. They have brands ranging from Sasatinne (Sasa's own in-store brand), Cyber Colors, theBalm, Dr. Wu, Dr. G etc.
They are really cheaply priced.

I did some interesting things. I am happy with my haul.

Docile Eyeshadow Palette, theBalm Shady Lady eyeshadows.

They are 3 for RM30, which is a total steal. I have never tried theBalm products before, I am really excited about the eyeshadows.

Docile Eyeshadow Palette in Star Bronze

The packaging is so beautiful with the diamond cut silver packaging. It reminds me of VOV's packagings for their eyeshadow.

Star Bronze is a basic neutral palette with browns that we need for everyday.
I mainly picked this up because I need to make it 3 for RM30 and I couldn't find another shade that I like from the collection of theBalm eyeshadows in the basket. Green and blues are so not my alley.

I pick up two eyeshadows from theBalm and no surprise they are both neutrals. I could hardly step out from my comfort zone.
Neutrals are my best friend when it comes to eyeshadows.

I was really happy when I saw theBalm eyeshadows in the clearance. I have been wanting to try out for the longest time.

Just this once Jamie is a beautiful taupe shade.

Mischievious Marissa is medium brown.

I have to rummage through the basket to get the unswatched shadows. Why can't some people just leave the shadows alone instead of swatching them.
It is so unhygienic.

Overall I am really happy with the cheap thrills I have found, never know what you will get in a beauty outlet, good to pop in now and then.

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