Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nature Republic tiny loot

I don't usually buy Korean cosmetics from the stores in Malaysia because of the jacked up prices but when they have sales, it is a whole new story.

Nature Republic is having sales on selected products and the lip products caught my eye.

The Shine Blossom Rose Lipstick just immediately caught my eye. I have been eyeing on the lipstick for quite some time due to its cute design on the bullet.
I didn't get it because I thought I don't need it, it would be such a waste if I get it, letting it sit on my vanity.

The Bloom Kiss lipstick is a total impulse buy because it was so cheap and that shade is so gorgeous. It is the last one of the shade left standing there. I was suppose to get PK102 but I accidentally took PK103 but both are gorgeous shades and both are the only piece left at the counter.

The packaging are not the most flattering ones I have seen, especially the Bloom Kiss lipstick. That packaging certainly looks like something else, something we women use during our time of the month.

The shade I got for the Bloom Kiss lipstick is PK103.
It is a dusty pink. It is one of those daily shades.

Look at it. Look at it. The rose design on the bullet. It's just so lovely.
I do not know how am I going to bring myself to using this lipstick. I don't want to ruin the rose design.

So beautiful~ I really like the design on the bullet but not the design on the packaging. It is not a flattering tube to swipe it out from the purse.
The shade I got is No. 3. It is a warm tone pink.

Looks like I just can't get away from my pinks and sometimes nudes plus corals.
Overall, I spent less than RM30 (approx USD 9.30) for both of these lipstick which I find is a deal hard to come by.
If you are Malaysian. I could recommend checking out the discount rack of the store. I got mine from the Times Square branch.

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