Friday, August 1, 2014

Travel Diary : Eating out in Restoran Sim Sim 88 in Sandakan

Kampung Buli Sim Sim is a floating village settlement with lots of neat wooden houses and restaurants.

The restaurant we settled for for our first night is Restaurant Sim Sim 88. The other restaurant which is Sim Sim is unfortunately close. 

The first dish of the night - Wat Tan Prawns/ Prawns in Egg Gravy

There is nothing special about this dish. It taste really flat. I find it such a waste since the prawns were really fresh.

This salted fish (Salted Talang/Ham Yu) is really fragrant. The meat is soft and nicely salted.

Ginger white clams.

The aroma of ginger didn't seem to seep into the clams thus making the clams taste quite raw. Not a nice dish.

Dark and chewy. This squid dish is not too bad, the sweetness of the dark sauce blends well with the squids.

Assam Cuttlefish.

The fragrant of the assam and chilli blends well together. One of the better dishes.

Big steamed fish. I like steamed fish of all sorts, so I do love this one too.

Unsure what this dish is called but i can't seem to accept the taste of this dish. It's not my type of food.

Overall, there are hit and misses in this restaurant. It's ok if you are desperately in need of a seafood restaurant in Sandakan but overall I think there are better seafood retaurants in Malaysia.

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