Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Huge Etude House haul

This is a somewhat huge Etude House haul but don't panic people, I didn't do this haul in one go. It took me from last year till June this year to accumulate these much of product.

I am more careful with my Etude House purchases this time around by getting products that I will use and try like base and lip product. If compared to my previous Etude House haul, I would consider this to be not as big because Etude House hasn't been launching collections or innovative products that catches my eye.

Among all items that I got from my haul that catches my eye the most is the Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion.

Rosy tint lips.

I got this because Sulli looks stunning in the advertorial for this line. Not so smart consumer I am and it is a lame excuse to get these lip tints.

The shade I've chosen is Sweet Poison and After Blossom. After Blossom is the lip shade that Sulli wore in the advertorial. I thought it looks stunning on her, very fair, very snow white-like.

The box for these Rosy tint Lips are gorgeous with the rose design, it is just so elegant floral. The packaging for the actual product though, is such a disappointment. It is just so dull and plain.
I wish there were more design going on the tint Lips. Maybe like some rose engraved design.

In conjunction with Etude House 10th's anniversary, Etude House released two limited edition Fresh Cherry Tint shade. One is in the radiant orchid shade I've chosen and the other is a bright orange.

This Fresh Cherry Tint is going to be a substitute for the Benefit's Lollitint which I've meant to get but I just haven't gotten to getting it.
Radiant Orchid is a hot shade this season, so this Fresh Cherry Tint is going to provide lots of fun for my makeup this season.

The Color Lips-fit

The shade I got is PK001 and PK002

I am very intrigue with the formula for these lips-fit. They are those type of lip lacquer that goes on glossy but dries down to a matte finish. I haven't seen brands in Korea launching any products like this except for Clio's Lipnicure or maybe I have been missing out some releases in Korea.
They are very different than what the Korean is used to. These seem so pigmented.

I am excited to try this but I have been hearing not so nice things about these Lips-fit but we shall see, we shall see.

Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation 

The shade I got is N02. 
The bottle is really tiny and handy. You can just throw it into your makeup bag and bring it anywhere. 

I got intrigued by this foundation because of the 'fit' word. Approaching the summer months, I prefer makeup that fits and clings on nicely to the skin so it doesn't melt and go crazy in thus hot & humid weather in Malaysia. 
I have yet to try this foundation out but I will soon. 

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream

The Face Conditioning Cream is a makeup boosting cream that soften the complexion for an easy makeup application and also making the makeup to last longer. 
Sounds like a dream primer doesn't it ?

It comes with a normal version and a light version which I don't know the difference except the normal version comes in a light blue packaging and the light version comes in a pink packaging. 
I got the light version because the packaging is pink! 

I have used this cream for a few times and I would say it's an okay primer. I do not notice it softens my skin for an easier makeup application but somehow it does make my makeup last longer but not 12 hours or more.There's still slight foundation fading and melting away. 
So far in a complicated relation with this cream. 

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Blooming Fit

This is one of the new finishes of Precious Mineral BB Cream. I do not know what is the difference between this finish and the rest. There isn't any product explain in English that I could find on the web. 

Haven't tried this BB Cream but i comes in a generous amount of 60g. That can last me for a lifetime. 

The best for the last. 

Look at the packaging. Isn't it so cute? They look like macaroons!! 
They come in 3 shades - Pink, Mint and Beige
They are the cushion version of their Baby Choux Base so don't expect coverage from them. They make good colour correcting bases though. 

The sponge is in pink. Oh gosh. What a dream for a girly girl like me. 

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