Monday, August 25, 2014

Eating out : Kim Lian Kee Restaurant

Being Chinese, I do love some fried noodles. Kim Lian Kee has a long history in Hokkien Mee, the shop has been running in Petaling Street/China Town since the 1920s serving the much loved wok fried Hokkien noodles with many branches around Kuala Lumpur.

I visited one of their branches in Aeon Cheras Selatan.

The interior of the restaurant.

This is what my dad and I ordered.

I love the Hokkien Mee. It has enough flavour and wok hei (it is hard to explain this but literally it is translated as breath of the wok, it is strong smell of food that has been fried)

Claypot Loh Shee Fun. Ah! This taste so good too.

This is the third branch I've visited, I have been to their original shop in Petaling Street/Chinatown and their branch in Lot 10. Throughout the branches the food quality is kept the same, which is a good thing.
I really like Kim Lian Kee's Hokkien Mee and I will definitely go back for more. 

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