Sunday, August 17, 2014

Topshop Makeup Haul

I am in love with Topshop makeup. They are my favourite high street? clothing store? makeup.
I especially love their Glow Stick, Cream Blushes and Lipstick.

Since Topshop here in Malaysia is still having their 2nd at 50% off offer right now, I thought I did take advantage and grab a few more stuffs.

Topshop lipstick in Innocent

This was out of stock the last time I went to Topshop, I am glad they restocked them back.

The packaging is edgy and cute with the monochrome theme going on. I like the handwritten looking fun, it gives such a fun edge to the packaging.

Innocent is the perfect pink on my skintone which is around a NC15-NC20. It is a blue tone baby pink.
It doesn't have a lilac tone nor white tone which usually either clashes with my skintone or washes me out terribly.

These Topshop lipsticks are very comparable to MAC's Creamsheen lipstick but for half of the price. It is a great bargain!

Topshop blushes, you know how much I love thee.
Topshop ,They have one of the best budget cream blushes in the business. They are so pigmented, no-fuss to apply and they are just so pretty.

The shade I got : Head Over Heels & Afternoon Tea.

Head Over Heels is a coral shade.

I know I am a pink girl but this shade is so gorgeous in the pan, I just could not resist it. Since I have yet to try it, I am excited to see how it look on my skintone but I am nervous too.

Afternoon Tea is a bright baby pink.

It is absolutely gorgeous and right up to my alley. On the skin, it translate into a feminine, English Rosey flush. It is really beautiful.

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