Saturday, August 2, 2014

Phonecase haul

I love getting phonecases from the night market over here. There's a lot of nice designs for an affordable price.
Isn't it nice, to see your phone getting dressed up according to your style of the day.

Also, I have got a new phone since my old phone - The Samsung Galaxy Note has been stolen and I went crazy buying new 'dresses' for my phone.

Please take note, all my phone cases are replicas and designer inspired.

Moschino Macdonalds Ice Cream inspired phonecase.

This is the phonecase I am currently using. It's huge but the design is so quirky, I just love it.
The texture is rubbery and soft.

Miss Dior Black phonecase.

The top is a ribbon, it's so cute! The phonecase isn't hard nor it is soft but soft enough to make it easy for us to pop the phone in and out the case.
It comes along with a chain which you could wear it as a purse.

Chanel clear case.

It is almost the same as the Dior one I got but this is inspired by the Chanel no.5 perfume bottle. It's so classy and beautiful.

Chanel classic bag inspired.

This got to my favourite out of the bunch. It's so cute yet classy. The material is soft rubber which makes it very easy to pop the phone in and out compared to the Dior or Chanel perfume bottle inspired case.
It's just so beautiful.

That is all I got for my phonecase haul, these four phonecases are going to last me for a long time.

Sellers on ebay do carry these type of phonecases too, check up ebay and have some luck with it.

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