Sunday, August 31, 2014

Getting life back in tune

Arrived safely in Moscow and still trying to settle in. I am doing a major autumn cleaning to my room and oh gosh over two months it has collected a great amount of dust bunnies.
I don't know is it me, but I do find Moscow really dusty. Everything gets dusty really quick.

Yesterday I went to Ikea and Auchan to get my supplies and I am back to trying the scented candles from Ikea again. The last one I bought was 4 years ago and I seldom burn it and in the end I threw it away. Now, I found a nice space for this lovely candle. This is the Sinnlig candle in Full Blossom.

Since I am going to have more time with the computer now since I am back to study life. I am going to update all my summer travel diary, travel in Malaysia, past hauls and also beauty favourites.

To Malaysians, Happy Independence Day. 

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