Sunday, September 27, 2015

September haul

Meanwhile while I find a nice new photo location for my hauls.

So, I am back with a haul again. They are all drugstore products, nothing over the top.
Every single item I picked up this time are on sale. Who doesn't love a great deal.

I picked up L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Mistinguette and Pink Fever, Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lavish Mauve, Rimmel Apocalips Matte in Atomic Rose and Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Epic.

I have been eyeing on these blushes for some time since they are said to be the drugstore dupe of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes but I couldn't justify myself to get it since the price is quite pricey for a drugstore blush in comparison with brands like Catrice, Essence, L'oreal or even Maybelline.
This month these blushes are on sale at the local beauty store. Definitely the best time to grab this blush to try it out.

Lavish Mauve is a light pink with mauve undertones. A subtle and feminine colour for a lady-like look.

It is really pretty in the pan. On the skin it provides colour and also a healthy glow which I love.
Now I am really tempted to run back to the beauty store to pick up few more shades before the offer ends.

I love the original Rimmel Apocalips. They are probably my favourite drugstore lip lacquer. They are so pigmented and they apply beautifully on the lips.
Rimmel came out with the matte version not too long ago but I didn't pick them up because I was waiting for them to go on sale and I need another Apocalips like a hole in my head. I probably have like 5-6 shades of the original Apocalips which could last me another 10 years.

These babies were on sale this month at Rive Gauche and I picked up the shade which looks like I would make use out of it. There were 3 shades available, the other 2 is too bold and strong for my liking. Lately, I lean more to the nudes and natural pinks. So, I picked up Atomic Rose

Call me blind but I can't see the rose in Atomic Rose. It is a light dusty peachy pink shade. Very natural and wearable for an everyday casual and formal look.

L'oreal Color Riche Lipsticks.
I like the Collection Privee Lipstick by L'oreal, it is really moisturizing and light on the lips and I thought I should try out their Color Riche line since it is on sale.
L'oreal lipsticks do not have the most pleasant scent but they do remind me of my mum's lipsticks. The scent is really strong but they do go off after application. Not everyone could bear the scent but I am fine with it. It is still bearable.

My camera does not even pick up the lipstick shade properly. I gave up trying to make my camera pick up the correct shades, it just refuses.

Left : Pink Fever
Right : Mistinguette

Mistinguette is a bright warm pink. It is very loud and bold.
Pink Fever is a beautiful medium pink. Very subtle and feminine. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tiny Events #8

" I had spent 3 weeks of my summer holidays in Malaysia. It is ofcourse really nice to be with family. I just miss my family so much since I had left to further my studies for 6 years. I always go back during my summer break, I still feel really homesick.
I just can't wait to go home after I finish my six year studies.

I took this photo just right before my flight back to Moscow. My heart just feels heavy leaving my family.
On the bright side, I am left with one more year before I return to them for good
ps I bought too much chocolates at the duty free. Got myself 1kg worth of Hersheys chocolates. "

" Sushi from Ashan hypermarket.
I haven't seen an actual sushi bar in a hypermarket in Russia. This is something new. The Ashan in Aviapark is definitely a level up compared to other Ashans I have visited.
The food corner is much cleaner and organized and the checkout counter is automated. I did not find the automated counter any more convenient than the traditional cashier since we had to go through the cashier to get the bill to pay through the automated checkout counter.

Still, the sushi is a pleasant surprise. What is more surprising is that they hired the Japanese restaurant chain to cater for the sushi.
Aviapark is really far from where I live. I don't see myself going there often. "

" Krispy Kreme over here has released new choco mania flavours.
Ofcourse I had to try them out because they are all chocolate and I just love chocolate. I mean who doesn't? "

" Walking around in Red Square.
This was the day that I prepared for a photoshoot with my new groupmates. Had a nice time getting around with my groupmates and we had lunch together at Beverly Hills Diner.
What happened to my old group, well there's serious drama going on in my faculty. I will leave that some other day after I peacefully escaped this country. "

" In the heart of Moscow, the FIFA countdown clock has been installed to commemorate 1000 days to FIFA 2018.
The clock is located in Manezhskaya Square, just outside of Red Square. "

" Magnolia Bakery is still my favourite bakery here in Moscow.
I would say they definitely produced the most yummy cakes, pastries, muffins, you name it over here.
Banana Pudding Pie.
The Banana Pudding is Magnolia Bakery's best seller. I haven't tried the banana pudding until today where I wanted a little twist instead of just plain banana pudding , I ordered the banana pudding pie and it is just so delicious!
I just wanna fly to Magnolia Bakery now and get more cakes and pies. "

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eating out Moscow : Dve Palochki

After my exam, my friends and I went out after the longest time not stepping out the hostel. Naturally, we had to get lunch and snacks outside.
My friends recommended this restaurant, Dve Palochki, they had tried it a few times. It is a fusion Western, Japanese and Russian restaurant chain.
This restaurant has a really good lunch set meal. You can choose from a one course meal to a four course meal for a reasonable price.

I chose the three course meal.

For starters , I got myself sushi.
The selection is not very wide. They have three types of sushi to choose from.

I chose a simple sushi with vegetables and bonito flakes over it.

Next is a salad dish with Tuna maki all over it.
I really like this salad, the dressing is good.

Mashed potato with chicken cutlet and poached egg

I like the mashed potato is creamy.

Overall it is a reasonable and nice lunch set for when you are hungry and want a nice meal for lunch time to fill up your poor hungry stomach. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

First 10km marathon

I am not a marathon person. I do workout few times in a week but that's all the exercise that I do.
This year after a few years gap, I signed up for Nike Run Moscow. This time they didn't divide into any categories besides male and female. All run are 10km long.

For someone who doesn't jog much as me. 10km is pretty tough. I could do 3-5km without taking breaks but 10km is a challenge for me. I definitely need to take some breaks in between to complete 10km.
I started to get tired after 5km. In the period between after 5km till 9km, I did took a few breaks in between before jogging all the way from 9km till 10km.

Overall I finished the marathon in the span of an hour 10 mins.
Not too iffy for a first timer I hope but I will challenge myself to finish it within an hour some day.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Roses and Love

I have a thing for Essence's limited edition products. I could never resist when Essence releases limited edition with cute packagings.
Despite being a very affordable drugstore brand, Essence has amazed me with many of their products. To name a few, their Longlasting Lipsticks, Lip Pencils, Cream Blush (mostly from their limited edition line) and Eyeshadows (mainly the metal glam line and now their new revamped mono eyeshadows) are my favourites.

Essence has once again wow me with their latest limited edition which is the Brit-Tea and Like an Unforgettable Kiss.
The packaging is just so girly, cute and adorable.

I got their blushes. Look at them. They are just too beautiful.
The blushes from these two lines just tickled my fancy. Those love shape and rose imprinted blushes. Those have to come back with me.

The Essence like an unforgettable kiss duo blush was at the clearance bin for a discounted price, I could not pass it up for it is such a steal.

The Brit-Tea collection blush.

This blush reminds me of the Chanel Spring Limited edition Jardin de Camelias blush.
The plastic packaging is not the most sophisticated packaging ever but the blush inside and also price compensates for the packaging.

Essence 'Like an Unforgettable Kiss'.
I got mine in shade 02. There are two shades available but sadly the other shade has all been grabbed away.
I could see that this blush is inspired by Too Faced's blush.

It has two sides. One a lighter side which is a matte white toned light pink and a hot pink.
The lighter side can be used as a highlighter or mixed together with the hot pink to tone it down.
These blushers are matte and the pigmentation of this blush is lacking but is great for heavy handers because you will never go wrong with this blush. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life Update : Moving + New semester starts

I have not done a post in the month of September.

The start of September has been a busy month for me with the start of my new semester and also moving. 
Eversince the fire outbreak in my hostel, I have been allocated to different rooms. It is really tiring moving all around and not to be settled down at a decent room. My parents were worried about my well being to. Thus, the decision to move out. 
So, I have been busy packing, moving and then unpacking. Also, adapting to the new environment. 

I have moved to a place two metro stations away from my previous place. So, I am still living in the region and it makes it much easier to meet up with friends or to get back to the hostel and university.

I will resume back to business as soon as I settle down with my life in this new apartment.

First breakfast in the apartment.

It is just a simple breakfast since we not have much ingredients with us.

I will be getting back to my normal posting routine and get my posts up. Stay tune!