Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life Update : Moving + New semester starts

I have not done a post in the month of September.

The start of September has been a busy month for me with the start of my new semester and also moving. 
Eversince the fire outbreak in my hostel, I have been allocated to different rooms. It is really tiring moving all around and not to be settled down at a decent room. My parents were worried about my well being to. Thus, the decision to move out. 
So, I have been busy packing, moving and then unpacking. Also, adapting to the new environment. 

I have moved to a place two metro stations away from my previous place. So, I am still living in the region and it makes it much easier to meet up with friends or to get back to the hostel and university.

I will resume back to business as soon as I settle down with my life in this new apartment.

First breakfast in the apartment.

It is just a simple breakfast since we not have much ingredients with us.

I will be getting back to my normal posting routine and get my posts up. Stay tune! 

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