Monday, August 31, 2015

Walking around Moscow : Kremlin

Moscow, especially Red Square awakes during the summer season with the bright and vibrant colours of the square and standing strong at the corner square the beautiful and colourful St. Basil's Cathedral. It almost feels unreal and like a painting.
Tourist from all around the world flock the square, enjoying Moscow under the temperate weather. Not too cold and definitely not hot at all. Feels like spring.

Woke up early in the morning expecting to fight the crowd to get into Lenin's Mausoleum. No luck. The queue has long formed and by the time we arrived we are almost lining up out of the square.

The Mausoleum opens from 10am till 1pm,
It is advisable to come as early as possible to secure yourself to get into the mausoleum before 1pm. We arrived at 9.30 ish and it took us about an hour before we could get into the mausoleum. The situation is not helped at all with atrocious people cutting queue and the security was not bothered at all.

Outside the Mausoleum, you are allowed to take as many pictures as you like. Inside the Mausoleum, photography is strictly prohibited.

Next stop is Kremlin and The Armoury.
The queue was atrocious, there's barely any system at all. People were cutting queue all over. It took us an hour to actually get our tickets.
Not impressed at all.

For the tickets to The Armoury. There's only two counters that you purchase the tickets from as there's designated sessions and limited tickets into The Armoury.

Tsar's Cannon

Tsar Bell

Cathedrals in Kremlin

It is not allowed to take pictures in The Armoury.
The Armoury provides free audio guide upon entrance. I would say that The Armoury is probably the best museum I have visited in Moscow. 

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