Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Watsons haul : It's great to be back there again

Last month I did went back to Malaysia for a short three weeks. Since I was really busy, I didn't post much about my trip and adventures in Malaysia. Most of my posts have been past drafts.

Now, I am coming to you all with a haul post from Watsons Malaysia.

I have noticed some changes of brands in Watsons Malaysia. It seems like to me, they have stopped carrying Majolica Majorca. This is such a bummer since Majolica Majorca produces one of favourite mascaras ever.

These are what I have picked up from Watsons.

Essence Longlasting Lipliner.

I haven't seen these around in Moscow and I was surprised to see them in Watsons because you know we are actually much slower when it comes to getting Essence releases over here.
When I was looking at the counter, most of the shades are out of stock. In the end, I settled for these two available shades.

Left : Girl Next Door 
Right : A Girl's Dream

I own quite a lot of Kate items but they are mostly eye products since for Japanese drugstore brand, I do find that Kate has the best eye quads. They are really gorgeous. 
This time I want to try something different so, I got a lipstick from Kate to try out. 

The packaging is a sleek black tube.

Kate lipstick in PK-3

The last item I got from this haul is KissMe Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow in 03. 

This is an eyebrow mascara. Since I dyed my hair, I thought I would go back using eyebrow mascara to cover the black  in my eyebrows to match my hair. KissMe's has always been my favourite. I have tried Kate's but in the end, I still like KissMe's better because it does not contain shimmers and it is creamier. 

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