Monday, August 10, 2015

Around Malaysia : Night Market Food hunt

Night Market or more known here as Pasar Malam is a nice place for food hunting or getting miscellaneous items.
This summer in Malaysia, I had the chance to visit the longest night market over here once again.

Here are the few food items I have indulged during my trip to the night market.

Ang Gu Kuih (Red Tortoise Cake), it is glutinous rice flour with green bean filling. It is my facourite Malaysian kuih.
Also, at the back, fried dumplings with chicken fillings.

Assam Laksa

I guess I also fell for this trend.
Apparently this macaroon ice cream is the "it" thing now in Malaysia when it comes to food trend. I haven't been in the country for a year so, I don't really know what's hot and not.
But with many stalls offering this ice cream, I could see that it is the latest trend over here.

I am actually really reluctant to pay RM8 for the ice cream because well, RM 8 is definitely expensive!
In the end, I succumbed to it because I wanted to try it and it might be my first and last try.

For this stall "Zero Temperature", you are allowed to choose two macaroon "shells" of your favourite colour and ice cream flavour of your choice and a topping to custom make your own macaroon ice cream.

This is the end product.
My own custom-made macaroon ice cream.

Well it is not excellent or bad tasting, it is just average. The whole thing is too thick which makes it really hard to eat it without being messy or everything separating up.
It just looks really good in pictures. That's pretty much it.
Definitely not worth RM8. 

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