Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Super mini tiny haul : Maybelline eyeliners

I am back in Malaysia during the Ramadhan and Raya season thus there were many sales going along beauty stores such as Guardian and Watsons.
I was randomly browsing through Watsons and a spotted that there was a buy one get one free sale on Maybelline Hypersharp Liner. Although I never mentioned it before, I like the Hypersharp Liner by Maybelline, infact I find them working much better than their American/European counterpart which is the Master Precise. The felt tip is bendable which provides more flexibility on drawing whereas the Master Precise is a hard felt tip which makes it harder to maneuver along my upper lid. Also the tip much thinner, the tip of the HyperSharp Liner is just 0.05mm!

A buy one get one free is definitely a steal and a girl can never have too many liquid eyeliners. We all know how fast we get through them and even how fast they dry up. 

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