Sunday, October 28, 2012

Korean food.

This is the Korean restaurant I usually visit when I am here in Moscow. The price is slightly cheaper than most of the Korean restaurants here.
Just that the chef of this restaurant is Chinese instead of a Korean.


Sizzling in the hot pan.

Tteokbokki. My favourite Korean dish.

Kimchi Fried Rice.

Haemul Pajeon.

i was enjoy dining here with my friends due to the affordable price after sharing the bill together and the  restaurant is really Asian. It feels like you are back to Asia.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I wanna thank my friend for putting so much effort in baking my cake for my birthday. The chocolate banana cake was delis!
Nicely arranged bananas on the chocolate cake. So much love.

Some lovely girls even baked cookies for me. Oh the love.

chocolates packed nicely from a sweet girl, she even insert a cute rose hairclip for me. 

This is what I did with the fallen rose petals. I thought they are so pretty when arranged with my Jill Stuart items. 
They just blend together so well with the princess, sweet and romantic feel.

My mum let me do a Gmarket haul for my birthday. I almost got everything I wanted from Gmarket for now. 
I did splurge a little too much but in this haul i got items for my mum and my sis too since they wanted some items from Gmarket too.
I am exploring deeper into Korean brands like Aritaum, Banila co. etc. Brands that I can't get in my country but so hyped up in Korea. It is the biggest Gmarket I've done for now. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Thank you everyone who celebrated my birthday today.

21 roses from 21 awesome people for my birthday.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sushi Mondays

More Sushi, pronounced as More-Rei Su-Shi is a Russian chain sushi restaurant.
Although it is situated pretty near where I live, I seldom head to More Sushi. I only go there once in a blue moon.

Bonito Sushi.
I really love Bonito flakes. I miss having them. 
The presentation of the sushi is just average, nothing arranged too spectacular. 
The sushi taste pretty fine though. Not like wow but still it's good.

Tempura Sushi.

As usual Russian services is just plain lousy. I feel like the waitress girl is PMS-ing.
They just can't get the bills and change fast nor take orders.
But they offer 10% off for students. So they might pull me in for a revisit.

Monday, October 15, 2012

15th Oct hauls

Here comes the monthly 15th haul.

It has been almost a month since I've done a haul.

I picked up 3 items only.
Maybelline ColorSensational Popstick in Tropical Pink, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Infinite White and Essence Stay all day long lasting eyeshadow in For Fairies.

Infinite White is a sparkly white colour.
I got this because I wanted a sparkly white colour that I could highlight my lower lid. 

A pretty sparkly white.This is the last clean pot left.
The others are really nasty, people already dip their fingers into it.Sometimes I don't get it why people open the stock when there's testers. Such a pet peeve!

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow.
The second cream eyeshadow I got, I am interested to compare this to the Maybelline Color Tattoo since it is a fraction of Maybelline's price. 

It is a frosty pink. A very cute colour for a sweet look.

It comes with 5.5g of product which I think it is a great amount for its price.
The jar is really flimsy compared to Maybelline's heavy glass pot.

I have been eying on this popstick for a long time because it is so cute!
The transparent neon thing going on just attracts me.

I got No.020 Tropical Pink.
The only colour that caught my eye, the others are either too light or Orange and Red. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life updates - 11th October.

It's 2nd week of October and temperature is dipping as low as 2-3 degree Celcius over here. It's not surprising but still very hard for me to adapt.
It has been raining almost everyday that is making the whole atmosphere really depressing.

And having test daily is equally depressing.

This is autumn is Moscow, a week ago. Sunny and beautiful.

I found out another bakery in Moscow, Paul Bakery.
The bread from this bakery are better tasting than from the previous bakery.

My croissant with cottage cheese.
It is fairly good, doesn't have a "wow! I must get this bread again" factor but I am looking forward to try other pastries from this bakery.

So far, I am liking their doughnuts. The chocolate and caramel doughnuts are heavenly.

On the makeup side, I have been liking dewy finish makeup, maybe because my skin is turning really dry looking.
I have been pumping up my skin with so much volumer and highlighter that you can't imagine but my skin still looks dry at the end of the day instead of dewy or the unfavourable outcome, greasy.
Even in tropical country like Malaysia, my skin doesn't turn greasy after using volumers. So imagine in such a cold and dry climate, it disappears in matter of hours.

On the positive side, my mum is letting me do a gmarket haul for my birthday. Looking into getting some Korean beauty products, especially those not available in my country.
I have a long list of items I wanna get.

The rose at the hospital I was having my class.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October

I am gonna start October with a food spam.

We visited маленкая ипония for our Japanese food fix last Saturday.

Chicken Salad.

My friend's strawberry cocktail and my berry milkshake which taste like liquid cheesecake.

Pacific gaper.

Lastly, the sushi set.

Overall the food taste pretty good and presentation of the food is really nice too. The downside is it is really really pricey.
As usual, the food is not authentically Japanese, there's definitely a Western twist in it with all the cream cheese going in the sushi.
I wish there's more salmon in the set though.