Monday, October 22, 2012

Sushi Mondays

More Sushi, pronounced as More-Rei Su-Shi is a Russian chain sushi restaurant.
Although it is situated pretty near where I live, I seldom head to More Sushi. I only go there once in a blue moon.

Bonito Sushi.
I really love Bonito flakes. I miss having them. 
The presentation of the sushi is just average, nothing arranged too spectacular. 
The sushi taste pretty fine though. Not like wow but still it's good.

Tempura Sushi.

As usual Russian services is just plain lousy. I feel like the waitress girl is PMS-ing.
They just can't get the bills and change fast nor take orders.
But they offer 10% off for students. So they might pull me in for a revisit.

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