Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life updates - 11th October.

It's 2nd week of October and temperature is dipping as low as 2-3 degree Celcius over here. It's not surprising but still very hard for me to adapt.
It has been raining almost everyday that is making the whole atmosphere really depressing.

And having test daily is equally depressing.

This is autumn is Moscow, a week ago. Sunny and beautiful.

I found out another bakery in Moscow, Paul Bakery.
The bread from this bakery are better tasting than from the previous bakery.

My croissant with cottage cheese.
It is fairly good, doesn't have a "wow! I must get this bread again" factor but I am looking forward to try other pastries from this bakery.

So far, I am liking their doughnuts. The chocolate and caramel doughnuts are heavenly.

On the makeup side, I have been liking dewy finish makeup, maybe because my skin is turning really dry looking.
I have been pumping up my skin with so much volumer and highlighter that you can't imagine but my skin still looks dry at the end of the day instead of dewy or the unfavourable outcome, greasy.
Even in tropical country like Malaysia, my skin doesn't turn greasy after using volumers. So imagine in such a cold and dry climate, it disappears in matter of hours.

On the positive side, my mum is letting me do a gmarket haul for my birthday. Looking into getting some Korean beauty products, especially those not available in my country.
I have a long list of items I wanna get.

The rose at the hospital I was having my class.

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