Sunday, January 31, 2010

China Town and hauls

Went CNY shopping today in China Town. It was really packed! D=

I ate the famous porridge there for breakfast.Sometimes famous food is worth all the wait.
The same food but a slightly more flavourful taste.
Mine was pork meat ball porridge.

and also the famous apam balik.
My mum ate the famous Chee Cheong Fan too. It's really smooth.
I couldn't take a pic because she ate before I could take a picture.

On to the real deal CNY shopping. It was so packed, I could hardly move in the shop.
I guess everyone is doing last minute CNY shopping.
2 more weeks to CNY, YES!
The plastic flowers for decoration.
The fluffy stuffs are really cute! There are pink ones but I didn't snap a pic of it.

From the same shop I bought deco for the back of my phone!

Barbie-fu, ain't it so girly cute?

The wholesale shop which I went two weeks ago refuse to open its doors for me.
But, today it amazingly opened its doors for me. The staff told me that it will open for us, normal consumers, on this Saturday and Sunday, maybe, next week to. To cater for CNY crowd?

This is the store which I saw loads of falsies displayed!
Opening its door for me, this is like a dream come true.

I bought a whole 4 boxes.
3 boxes of top lashes and 1 box of bottom lashes

Closer view on the design,
Design 112.Design 003

but I find this phrase on the box amusing,
"False eyelashes of Double-fold eyelids"
Does it mean monolids can't use it? =_=

Bottom lashes. Design 552.
and also got a Charmmy Kitty earring from the same store.
So cute!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kinokuniya and gyaru stuffs spotting

Today I decided to try out the cheap generic falsies which I got from the night market.

It looks like this,
They are plastic. Not as soft as the human hair ones I have but they are sturdy and can be reused for like 10 times if cared properly

The effect seems pretty nice.
Sorry for the pic quality, I took this in the car and using my lousy phone camera. I chucked my digicam somewhere.

Went to Kinokuniya for a check of mags. Picked up Popteen February issue.Kumicky is super cute on the cover! love her.

Also I saw Tsubasa's Minnie Mouse book. I think it is a book about her designs.
It was pretty pricey, for me.
A sneak peek into it,
There was some pretty pictures of her in the book but I think just only 3 pages.

The book comes with a free gift.
For anyone who is thinking to pick up this book.

and also I went to my local drugstore to pick up something that Popteen raves about.
I also partially did it since my moisturizer was gonna deplete after serving me for a whole good 6 months?
I got the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Milk!
I tried the tester, it made my skin so freaking soft! like baby's butt (just a comparison).

In between I also did Chinese New Year shopping.
I got a dress and a top from Padini Authentic.
Topshop disappointed me. I can never find anything I like there.
Maybe, it doesn't suit my style of clothing?

No pics because I sent all my clothes into the laundry for cleaning.
I always wash new clothes before I wear them, you just don't know who tried them before.

Anyway logging off now! =)
Have a nice weekend

Friday, January 29, 2010

Heavenly Forest

I like the woods beside my school's canteen in the morning, you can see morning dew, super pretty and also when the dew falls, it is like sparkles sprinkling under the soft sunlight.

A picture speaks a 1000 words eventhough I can't capture the sprinkles.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


a closer view of my deco-ed phone.Pictures can never catch the bling =(

Logging off now

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy parcel!

I am exhausted. Thanks to college.

I am happy because there's a parcel greeting me upon reaching home.
Guess what?


I ordered 2 different colours. One is Angel Grey and the other one Super Angel Brown.

Angel Grey's diameter is 14.0mmIt is the one surrounded by the dark circle rims to give the big eye appearance.

Super Angel Brown is a new product. The diameter for it is 14.8mm.
Pretty huge.
It has the same design as Angel brown except it is 0.8mm bigger.

The flash has decolourised the right lens in the pic. The actual design is like the right side.

Also, ignore my ugly nail colour. It can't be helped.

I just realized I do not have lens case. *facepalms*
Maybe it is time for me to hunt some.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazy over Dolly Wink

I received my package!! =D
I wonder why did they stuff my stuffs into a big box since it is not that many and they are just mask and also a white eyeliner.

It was all nicely packed in a pink plastic bag.and look!Masks everywhere!
These are pretty cheap China made mask. So far my skin hasn't reacted with them but instead it got better.
never underestimate cheap masks.

Items are bought from

Their service is efficient and fast! So far my experience with them is not too bad
The only bad thing was the package. Once they didn't wrap it properly and my sleep mask spilled and it seeped into the falsies I ordered from them too. Luckily, I managed to clean the mask off my falsies.
If not, I would have wasted $$$.

Today I was roaming around Sg. Wang
and then I saw,Tsubasa's cutout in SASA. OMG, KOJI Dollywink line in SASA!

I couldn't resist, I stepped in to SASA and ask the sale assistant to show me the whole DollyWink line.
Anyway, too bad, 90% off the items have been sold out, eyelashes, eyelash box, eye lash glue, all sold out! The only ones left is the liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. Again, they have about 9(?) pieces left.
I didn't know Tsubasa's line of products can be so freaking popular here.
If they ever bring in CandyDoll, I will rush during the first day of launch to not miss any items.

Ofcourse, me being a mighty Tsubasa fan. I will not leave the shop empty handed.
So, I grabbed an eyeliner.
The packaging is supa kawaii! Love the polka dots and ribbon.

URGH Sinus pain. Freaking hurts like shit.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Eyelash bargain and Popteen

bargain bargain!! I got cheap falsies from the night market! =DToo bad they are made out of plastic but this one ain't too bad, it is not shiny.
Also, I like the design.
Too bad I can't get any close to M.A.C's no.7 design. The design for no.7 is gorgeousss!!

Also I got popteen. I know I am a bit late, this is an old issue but too poor, have to buy Chinese edition.
Almost all the models on the front page! The colours looks really halloweeny. lol

kawaii yo kumicky-chan. Love her fake lash skill, she way she put makes her eyes looks big and cute. me ga kuri kuri..

I don't care if you hate this style and think it is too much. I love it.
So don't come and say " oh this is too much! natural is beautiful, simple is beautiful"
You don't need to tell me what to do. I know what am I doing myself.
Some people are just.... >_>

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Falsies Galore

Finally got my falsies >.< I know the middle one looks hard and voluminous but when i touched it is soft. Can't wait to try it!!

I also realize I have dry ends! They are split ends and breakage. urghhhhh.
Time to salvage my previous locks.

I got these on the way to a drugstore near my school. Gonna use it together with treatment wax.

My hair. T_________T

I got part of my deco here already *_*
Can't wait for the crystals!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pink Blushes

I roamed around DAISO during Friday just to get some cleansing cream but I couldn't help it when i saw a super hot pink blush!
Me likey!!!

Actually I am still looking for the perfect pink blush. Like the one Tsubasa or Kumicky uses.
It gives such a pretty pink glow.

Very subtle pink glow *____*
unfortunately, NARS isn't unavailable here. For Canmake, that day I went to Sasa but they don't seem to have this colour I wanted, PW20, maybe I should check out the KLCC or Sg. Wang branch. Maybe they will have them.
Kumicky uses RMK and it is a wee bit pricey for me. RM130+(??) for a blusher T_T

Daiso's one is really a steal for its price. So pigmented and pretty!
Pink blush FTW!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Post!

Welcome to my girly girly blog.

I ordered more lashes! I wanted the style that Kumicky uses but I can't seem to find it and I do not wanna buy M.A.C's because it is a bit too expensive for me.
I only stuffs that I am willing to spend a fortune for now on is foundation, face powder and concealer.
I got this style

Looks a bit scary but I guess it will work! ^.^
If not, I'll hop to the night market to get some bargains.
Hopefully it won't be too volumizing~!

I got colour eyeliners too!
I saw Suzu used it

she looked so good and i thought i just had to get one myself!
I do not care now, I am gonna pull it like Suzu!