Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazy over Dolly Wink

I received my package!! =D
I wonder why did they stuff my stuffs into a big box since it is not that many and they are just mask and also a white eyeliner.

It was all nicely packed in a pink plastic bag.and look!Masks everywhere!
These are pretty cheap China made mask. So far my skin hasn't reacted with them but instead it got better.
never underestimate cheap masks.

Items are bought from

Their service is efficient and fast! So far my experience with them is not too bad
The only bad thing was the package. Once they didn't wrap it properly and my sleep mask spilled and it seeped into the falsies I ordered from them too. Luckily, I managed to clean the mask off my falsies.
If not, I would have wasted $$$.

Today I was roaming around Sg. Wang
and then I saw,Tsubasa's cutout in SASA. OMG, KOJI Dollywink line in SASA!

I couldn't resist, I stepped in to SASA and ask the sale assistant to show me the whole DollyWink line.
Anyway, too bad, 90% off the items have been sold out, eyelashes, eyelash box, eye lash glue, all sold out! The only ones left is the liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. Again, they have about 9(?) pieces left.
I didn't know Tsubasa's line of products can be so freaking popular here.
If they ever bring in CandyDoll, I will rush during the first day of launch to not miss any items.

Ofcourse, me being a mighty Tsubasa fan. I will not leave the shop empty handed.
So, I grabbed an eyeliner.
The packaging is supa kawaii! Love the polka dots and ribbon.

URGH Sinus pain. Freaking hurts like shit.

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