Sunday, January 31, 2010

China Town and hauls

Went CNY shopping today in China Town. It was really packed! D=

I ate the famous porridge there for breakfast.Sometimes famous food is worth all the wait.
The same food but a slightly more flavourful taste.
Mine was pork meat ball porridge.

and also the famous apam balik.
My mum ate the famous Chee Cheong Fan too. It's really smooth.
I couldn't take a pic because she ate before I could take a picture.

On to the real deal CNY shopping. It was so packed, I could hardly move in the shop.
I guess everyone is doing last minute CNY shopping.
2 more weeks to CNY, YES!
The plastic flowers for decoration.
The fluffy stuffs are really cute! There are pink ones but I didn't snap a pic of it.

From the same shop I bought deco for the back of my phone!

Barbie-fu, ain't it so girly cute?

The wholesale shop which I went two weeks ago refuse to open its doors for me.
But, today it amazingly opened its doors for me. The staff told me that it will open for us, normal consumers, on this Saturday and Sunday, maybe, next week to. To cater for CNY crowd?

This is the store which I saw loads of falsies displayed!
Opening its door for me, this is like a dream come true.

I bought a whole 4 boxes.
3 boxes of top lashes and 1 box of bottom lashes

Closer view on the design,
Design 112.Design 003

but I find this phrase on the box amusing,
"False eyelashes of Double-fold eyelids"
Does it mean monolids can't use it? =_=

Bottom lashes. Design 552.
and also got a Charmmy Kitty earring from the same store.
So cute!


  1. China-town were? the one in nyc is always packed! I love your lashes,so jealous.

  2. Malaysia, lol.It's some country in Asia =)
    I don't really know where in NYC you could get this lashes but I know Lavender Beauty on Colima and Fullerton in Rowland Heights, CA. sells them but isn't that super far from NYC. You could get them from Ebay though. Just search for Taiwanese made false eyelashes. They come in very cheap, you will surprised by its price!