Friday, February 5, 2010

Japanese drugstore cosmetics buy.

This is a small Japanese drugstore makeup buy post.

I was suppose to get two blushers today, one is the famous Canmake PW20 and the Majolica Majorca PK333. Unfortunately, there was only 10% off for majolica majorca which is pretty low for me. I know I am an ala cheapskate! What do you expect from a poor college student like me.

Sasa usually do not have sales but I saw Canmake going for 15% off on selective item which I thought it was a good deal. It is really hard to get a discount on Canmake items.

So as I stated what I got above, I picked up Canmake PW20 and it was the last piece.
The other branch of Sasa I went, PW20 has been sold out. I was lucky to own this last piece in the branch I visited.

Beside the blushes, Nudy Glow rouge was displayed there.
The colours for Nudy Glow is really pigmented and has the creamy feel.

My "loot"
Canmake blush in PW20 and Nudy Glow Rouge in Strawberry Whip.
I love pinks.

The price without discount. The price is on the average side.
The size of the brush that came with the blusher is mighty small but it is super soft. Even so, It is useless unless you want a line across your cheek. It will be good as a highlight brush on the bridge of your nose or cheekbone. Just the right size.

The blush comes with tiny specks of shimmers but not obvious on the cheek when applied.
It is a cool toned bubblegum pink. Colour that gyaru girls love.

and a swatch of the lipgloss.It is a milky baby pink.

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