Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre-CNY loot!

my last loot for Chinese New Year and then I will be on a shopping ban till I don't know when.

I have this bad habit of visiting cosmetics store eventhough I was suppose to get clothes.

So, my feet just brought me to,
I admit it, I like shopping for Korean brand cosmetics because they are really affordable and good.

I was suppose to get Majolica Majorca's blush but when to another branch, the same blush that I wanted, PK333 was out of stock.
Actually all blushes was out stock except the highlighter.

Then, it became a different story.

There's this new Korean cosmetic shop in the shopping complex, Nature Republic.
Rain (Bi) is the spokeperson. I am not a Bi fan nor I claim to like him.
The spaciousness and interior design of the shop just attracted me. There's like a in-built facial spa inside.
Prices of items are like The Face Shop and Skin Food.

All I got was just nail polishes because the bottle is hard to resist.
Looks like Lollipops! I got a free mask and poster from there too.Bi's face on the mask =.=;
The green bottle of stuff is nail polish remover.

and then I hopped to Elianto. Elianto is a Malaysian brand.
A candy pink blush with shimmers. I usually do not like shimmers but this blush's colour is too cute to resist.
The perfect blue-toned pale pink that gyaru loves.
The last time I bought a peachy pink one. Kinda regretted because I don't really like the colour but I am still using it. I am not wasteful. OKAY.
The nailpolish is just a simple nude nail polish. Perfect for any occasion.
Closer look to the blush. It has a baby powder smell to it.
There's only 3g of product though. Very very little product.

I then went to Etude House.
I can't never resist Etude house, because it's super pink!!
Pink is cute, pink is awesome, pink is ...

I got a blush again. I just can't resist.
and you shall know why.
Mad cute packaging. So mad girly!

and it was the last piece! 3 out of 5 colours has been sold out.
There was only colour #04 and #05 left.

This one is colour #05.It comes with a free powder puff!
The colour is sweet! It's called Lovely Cookie.

The Face Shop has the similiar colour which a slightly higher price tag.

That's all for today!

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