Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Popteen and Etude.

It's another super hot day, I feel like my brain has been baked and grilled.

I picked up the December 2009 issue of Popteen today. It is the Chinese edition.
It's much cheaper than the normal Japanese copy but most issues are back dated.Kimicky is so cute on the cover.
I don't care if some people dislike her but I adore her to the max!

Also I visitedthe super pink Korean cosmetic store! I collect their paper and plastic bags. Just because they are really pretty. Such a packrat, jeeeezzzz!

I am seriously gonna slap myself if I don't get this. This line is on 50% off.
I know I am an ala cheapskate.

Magic BB balm. I saw Kumicky using it in Popteen November 2009 issue. The only difference between mine and her's is she's using the magic bb cream which has less concealing power than this has. I am more interested in balms since I have the creams.

The actual product.It comes with a handy foundation brush. The brush is super soft. I love when products come with good quality brushes.

I wanted to get the blushers from Etude too but the Sugar Cookie Blush in Pink that I wanted was out of stock.
Then I went to search for Majolica Majorca, the blush in PK333 was out of stock too.
My luck.

I wore my GEO lens for 10 hours straight today and i didn't feel any discomfort.Although it is not recommended to wear more than 6-8 hours. The lens only started to dry on me during the 10th hour.

Tomorrow I am having last test! Way to go!
Tonight I have to eat Chemistry, bath chemistry and sleep chemistry.

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