Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year Lunch

Super super hot! *dies*

Today my relatives and my family went out to eat in some place near my house that I never knew it existed.

On the way
Looks like some outskirt area.mountains, forest, greenland.

Upon arriving.
Fish farm!?
The surrounding scenery, how serene..The restaurant,

First menuBBQ Lamb chop!!!Lovely kids, come to mama's belly, come~

My favourite of all,Mango kerabu, a delicious Thai delicacy. Hi I am Suzanne, I am gonna eat you today you delicious beast!

nom nom nom!!

Oops!Fried Pucuk paku. I don't know the name of this vege in English. I doubt it has a name in English to begin with.Fried sotong in salted egg.Deep fried spinach. Even those who hates spinach can't resist this. It taste like potato chips.Come cabby crabby. BBQ crab. Oh so delicious!
A lone crab.
Telapia fish in spicy and sour gravy. Thais love their spicy and sour stuff. We love it too :)
Crab fried with black pepper sauce.Steamed Patin Fish.Juicy crab meat! It's the first time, I ate BBQ-ed crab.

to the desert,glutinous rice with mango. A famous Thai delicacy.
Thai mangoes are the best ever!
Cendol? I don't know

That a lot of food! Now, my stomach is so bloated. =/

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