Sunday, February 7, 2010

Night Market is Good

It has been a long time since I go to the Sunday's night market.
My mum usually hates to go at a later part of time because it will be so packed that you hardly could move. Somehow, today, we found our way there because we needed to get some stuffs.

I stumbled across something cute!

The Nono's style ribbons! =Daren't they super cute!
I wanted them since I saw them on Popteen Nov 2009 issue.

I put up the bear phonestrap on,
Ignore lolita kitty, it's getting really dirty, I had it for like 2 years or so but I really love it.

I ordered a lot of items off NPB.
US has a lot of great cosmetics for such cheap price, it's hard to come by right here.

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