Monday, February 8, 2010

Geo lens.

My latest batch of GEO lens order finally came.
It was super fast for being a pre-order. It came in a weeks time.

Here's how they look on my eye.
I know my naked eye is ugly. Just live with it.
GEO angel grey.
This is taken under fluorescent lighting. The grey is still visible eventhough it is not that opaque.

GEO angel brown.
I like this one. The colour is just nice not too brown that it makes me look like an alien with gold eyes.

The comparison between Angel brown and Super angel brownAs you can see, Super Angel Brown is bigger and more opaque in colour.
It really gives you the instant big eyes but it looks pretty alienish.
Makeup is a must to balance your eyes out if you plan to wear Super Angel Brown.


  1. OOoo~ I was between the Angel Grey or the Ash Wing myself (got the wings)

    Aww, they look nice on you! :D
    Its color without the alien-ness (like Super ones)
    Love it~

  2. I was also deciding between Angel Brown and Honey Wing myself but eventually went for the Angel Brown. lol

    Thanks, I thought they look a little too big on my eyes though, lol