Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everybody's Birthday

Yesterday was the 7th day on the Lunar calender.
It is also known as Everybody's Birthday.

Following my family's tradition, on this day, we usually eat out at some Chinese restaurant to celebrate.
First on the menu,
Yee Sang. This is a common dish during the Chinese New Year because it symbolises abundance, prosperity and vigor.
How it looks before we add the sauce, crackers and "stir" it.
Adding all the crackers. Poured the sauce. All ready?

Attack of the chopsticks!!!
Lou ya lou ya lou ya!!!!!!

All ready to eat now. Yummy.
There's raw fish if you can see. I love raw fish =X

Shark's fin soup with lots of seafood.
Ofcourse it does not contain real shark's fin. Dong fan is used as a substitute.There's abalone.

The lighting of the restaurant.

Steamed fish. Another popular Chinese cuisine dish.
Roasted chicken. The skin of the chicken was super crispy like roast suckling pig.Prawns fried in spicy sauceVegetarian dishFried rice.

The desert,Pandan coconut jelly.
Lemon Lychee drink

The menu.If you can read, lol

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