Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy parcel!

I am exhausted. Thanks to college.

I am happy because there's a parcel greeting me upon reaching home.
Guess what?


I ordered 2 different colours. One is Angel Grey and the other one Super Angel Brown.

Angel Grey's diameter is 14.0mmIt is the one surrounded by the dark circle rims to give the big eye appearance.

Super Angel Brown is a new product. The diameter for it is 14.8mm.
Pretty huge.
It has the same design as Angel brown except it is 0.8mm bigger.

The flash has decolourised the right lens in the pic. The actual design is like the right side.

Also, ignore my ugly nail colour. It can't be helped.

I just realized I do not have lens case. *facepalms*
Maybe it is time for me to hunt some.

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