Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October

I am gonna start October with a food spam.

We visited маленкая ипония for our Japanese food fix last Saturday.

Chicken Salad.

My friend's strawberry cocktail and my berry milkshake which taste like liquid cheesecake.

Pacific gaper.

Lastly, the sushi set.

Overall the food taste pretty good and presentation of the food is really nice too. The downside is it is really really pricey.
As usual, the food is not authentically Japanese, there's definitely a Western twist in it with all the cream cheese going in the sushi.
I wish there's more salmon in the set though.


  1. Sometimes, I'm really willing to pay for more expensive sushi just to taste the difference. I'm in a landlocked area... so it's a pretty big difference.

  2. Over here, Moscow is also a landlocked area. Thus sushi is not as fresh as I get back in my my country.
    Cost of living is ridiculously high here so prices of food is the same too.