Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eating out Moscow : Dve Palochki

After my exam, my friends and I went out after the longest time not stepping out the hostel. Naturally, we had to get lunch and snacks outside.
My friends recommended this restaurant, Dve Palochki, they had tried it a few times. It is a fusion Western, Japanese and Russian restaurant chain.
This restaurant has a really good lunch set meal. You can choose from a one course meal to a four course meal for a reasonable price.

I chose the three course meal.

For starters , I got myself sushi.
The selection is not very wide. They have three types of sushi to choose from.

I chose a simple sushi with vegetables and bonito flakes over it.

Next is a salad dish with Tuna maki all over it.
I really like this salad, the dressing is good.

Mashed potato with chicken cutlet and poached egg

I like the mashed potato is creamy.

Overall it is a reasonable and nice lunch set for when you are hungry and want a nice meal for lunch time to fill up your poor hungry stomach. 

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