Monday, September 21, 2015

Tiny Events #8

" I had spent 3 weeks of my summer holidays in Malaysia. It is ofcourse really nice to be with family. I just miss my family so much since I had left to further my studies for 6 years. I always go back during my summer break, I still feel really homesick.
I just can't wait to go home after I finish my six year studies.

I took this photo just right before my flight back to Moscow. My heart just feels heavy leaving my family.
On the bright side, I am left with one more year before I return to them for good
ps I bought too much chocolates at the duty free. Got myself 1kg worth of Hersheys chocolates. "

" Sushi from Ashan hypermarket.
I haven't seen an actual sushi bar in a hypermarket in Russia. This is something new. The Ashan in Aviapark is definitely a level up compared to other Ashans I have visited.
The food corner is much cleaner and organized and the checkout counter is automated. I did not find the automated counter any more convenient than the traditional cashier since we had to go through the cashier to get the bill to pay through the automated checkout counter.

Still, the sushi is a pleasant surprise. What is more surprising is that they hired the Japanese restaurant chain to cater for the sushi.
Aviapark is really far from where I live. I don't see myself going there often. "

" Krispy Kreme over here has released new choco mania flavours.
Ofcourse I had to try them out because they are all chocolate and I just love chocolate. I mean who doesn't? "

" Walking around in Red Square.
This was the day that I prepared for a photoshoot with my new groupmates. Had a nice time getting around with my groupmates and we had lunch together at Beverly Hills Diner.
What happened to my old group, well there's serious drama going on in my faculty. I will leave that some other day after I peacefully escaped this country. "

" In the heart of Moscow, the FIFA countdown clock has been installed to commemorate 1000 days to FIFA 2018.
The clock is located in Manezhskaya Square, just outside of Red Square. "

" Magnolia Bakery is still my favourite bakery here in Moscow.
I would say they definitely produced the most yummy cakes, pastries, muffins, you name it over here.
Banana Pudding Pie.
The Banana Pudding is Magnolia Bakery's best seller. I haven't tried the banana pudding until today where I wanted a little twist instead of just plain banana pudding , I ordered the banana pudding pie and it is just so delicious!
I just wanna fly to Magnolia Bakery now and get more cakes and pies. "

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