Sunday, September 13, 2015

Roses and Love

I have a thing for Essence's limited edition products. I could never resist when Essence releases limited edition with cute packagings.
Despite being a very affordable drugstore brand, Essence has amazed me with many of their products. To name a few, their Longlasting Lipsticks, Lip Pencils, Cream Blush (mostly from their limited edition line) and Eyeshadows (mainly the metal glam line and now their new revamped mono eyeshadows) are my favourites.

Essence has once again wow me with their latest limited edition which is the Brit-Tea and Like an Unforgettable Kiss.
The packaging is just so girly, cute and adorable.

I got their blushes. Look at them. They are just too beautiful.
The blushes from these two lines just tickled my fancy. Those love shape and rose imprinted blushes. Those have to come back with me.

The Essence like an unforgettable kiss duo blush was at the clearance bin for a discounted price, I could not pass it up for it is such a steal.

The Brit-Tea collection blush.

This blush reminds me of the Chanel Spring Limited edition Jardin de Camelias blush.
The plastic packaging is not the most sophisticated packaging ever but the blush inside and also price compensates for the packaging.

Essence 'Like an Unforgettable Kiss'.
I got mine in shade 02. There are two shades available but sadly the other shade has all been grabbed away.
I could see that this blush is inspired by Too Faced's blush.

It has two sides. One a lighter side which is a matte white toned light pink and a hot pink.
The lighter side can be used as a highlighter or mixed together with the hot pink to tone it down.
These blushers are matte and the pigmentation of this blush is lacking but is great for heavy handers because you will never go wrong with this blush. 

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