Thursday, September 17, 2015

First 10km marathon

I am not a marathon person. I do workout few times in a week but that's all the exercise that I do.
This year after a few years gap, I signed up for Nike Run Moscow. This time they didn't divide into any categories besides male and female. All run are 10km long.

For someone who doesn't jog much as me. 10km is pretty tough. I could do 3-5km without taking breaks but 10km is a challenge for me. I definitely need to take some breaks in between to complete 10km.
I started to get tired after 5km. In the period between after 5km till 9km, I did took a few breaks in between before jogging all the way from 9km till 10km.

Overall I finished the marathon in the span of an hour 10 mins.
Not too iffy for a first timer I hope but I will challenge myself to finish it within an hour some day.

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