Saturday, October 26, 2013

Massive 3CE haul

Stylenanda is a Korean fashion store specializing in trendy and casual clothes and accessories.
This brand itself has also launched its own makeup brand, 3 Concept Eyes.
Thanks to Park Sora, the ambassador of this brand who is stunning. This brand has caught many attentions and became really famous through out Asia.

Since I was curious about this brand I picked up a junk load of 3 Concept Eyes items and here comes the massive haul that I did last summer.
Guilty as charged.
3CE items are pricier compared to most Korean roadshop brands but it falls in the mid-range.
Among all the products, their lip products are the most popular ones.

Photos seems really cluttered since I took the photos batch by batch according to my orders. I didn't order them all one short, it did take few orders through out summer to achieve such a big pile of 3CE items.

Firstly, I picked up their ever so raved Lip Pigment. Rumour has it that they work like the infamous OCC Lip Tars.
This is one of their more famous product and this is the product I wanted to try out the most.

Electro Pink, like its name, is a bright neon hot pink.
Bright hot pink is the 'hit' colour in Korea for the Spring/Summer season. It's such a beautiful bright statement colour that it complements every skintone well.
The goods about these type of colours on warm skintones, it just seem to brighten up the skin.

Bright Orange

Bright Orange is a beautiful cream orange.

Mellow Pink

Mellow Pink is a peach pink that is super sweet and cute.

Next, I also got their Jumbo Lip Crayon.

I was kinda skeptical in getting this because I am not a fan of sharpening but the colours just pulled me into getting it. There's a selection of beautiful colours from the lip crayon.
I guess I have to live with sharpening these lip pencils for the sake of the beautiful colours.

The colour I got is #Bohemian Pink

All 3 Concept Eyes cosmetics come with a seal.

Bohemian Pink is a nude pink. 

I've also ordered another colour in #Cream Orange but It was sent to my house after I left the country. I will include that in the next massive haul next summer. That's a year wait from now.

In the next batch I got 2 lipsticks and a highlighter.

Face Glow in #Monaco.
It is a shimmery nude pink highlighter. This colour would suit fairer skintones very well.

For the price I paid it only comes with 15ml for product. I would have expected more.

The packaging, isn't it super sleek?

The seal.

It comes with a pump dispenser.

I really like the packaging for the lipsticks, it is so creative and unique.

405 Glass Pink and 402 Fuchsia.

402 Fuchsia
Like its name, it is a fuchsia colour.

405 Glass Pink
A sweet glossy pink.

and then I went back to order more lip products because I just love lip products.

#504 Glass Pumpkin, #407 Cashmere Orange and #403 Glass Red.

#403 Glass Red
The Glass Series from 3CE are sheer tint lipsticks. The finish is a hybrid between a balm and lipstick. 
I don't know why it appears orange in the pictures but it is a red lipstick. A sheer red lipstick 

#407 Cashmere Orange
It is a statement bright orange.

#504 Glass Pumpkin
This is very unique shade, I haven't seen any brand putting out a shade like this.

Apple Tint in #pink

The packaging of the tint. It is also very sleek.

Like its name, it's a pink tint.

Glossing Waterful Foundation.

This is how it should look like if you order straight from Stylenanda official website. It will come with a plastic wrap and sticker with barcode.
This is the only item I ordered from the Style Nanda website because the seller who carries Style Nanda item for a slightly cheaper price than retail ran out of stock for this foundation.

The colour I got is 'Natural Ivory'. I was deciding between this shade and Milk Ivory but my gut feelings told me that Milk Ivory will be too white on me.

There's another layer of cardboard to hold the foundation together.

The foundation comes in a frosted gas bottle that makes it look expensive and chic. I am glad that it comes together with a pipette because I do not like foundation that doesn't comes with a dispenser. I find them utterly messy to work with.

That's all I got from 3 Concept Eyes.

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