Sunday, October 13, 2013

A walk at night : Red Square

The circle of light festival in Red Square was also in conjunction with the Olympic Torch relay.

I didn't manage to go into Kremlin to witness the torch relay but I was lucky enough to hang around the area. There were booths promoting the Olympics.

There's the ball of light(??) and Bosco design right beside it.

And there's Coca-Cola advertising Sochi. They gave out some freebies.

I got a sochi light up cola bottle and 'special edition' cola cans.

Well, you could go into the ball to get your photos with the Olympic torch but the photos look beyond horrendous, so I am not gonna post mine up.

With the Olympics count down clock.

Light performance at Bolshoi Teather.

On the happy note, I got my Olympics tickets! I am over ecstatic right now.
It was really hard to get the event I want as when they are released for the 2nd phase purchase at 12pm, it got sold out so quickly! We had to refresh for more than 20 times to get the tickets.
We got the most expensive seats since the cheaper ones were all sold out! And, I am going for only one event. My bank account only allows that.
Maybe on the day itself we might buy tickets to witness cheaper events at the mountain clusters.

The Winter Olympics is a once in a lifetime experience for me. I am glad it was held in Russia and I am in this country for the time being. 

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